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Friday, December 20, 2013

Chummy Chum at Blessedville Christmas Party

This time, CCF headed to Alfonso, Tagaytay together with Relos Family as they requested us to join them and bring smile to the special children of Blessedville. This is also to celebrate the birthday of their siblings. 
Last year, Relos family asked our suggestion on what institution/ orphanage should they extend their help. We suggested that they should help Blessedville because of its desperate state. 
Of its sixty (60) students, only twenty (20) of them are able to pay the tuition fee. As for the payment for the teachers’s salary and food for the kids, the parents can only offer fish, vegetables, and “saging na panlaga”, just so their kids, who are afflicted with down syndrome, could learn something. 
The Relos family responded positively and helped those children who are in dire need. Until now, they still support some of the kids’ schooling. Even their friends joined in and also give assistance to these children. 
To everyone who is reading this, we are encouraging you to also help Blessedville in any way you can. 
We would like to thank other Blessedville’s beneficiaries; Mrs. Esther Magleo, FEU-GHS Tamaraw Batch 76, Ms. Karen Mendoza, Ms. Ruth, LOCA Group, Ms. Leisette, Ms. Lorela, Atty. Fantone… especially to Relos  Family. Thank you also to your donation to CCF. Merry Christmas and may the good Lord shower you with more blessings.

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