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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Chummy Chum Graces GTVL Christmas Party

Chummy Chum attended the Christmas Party of GTVL and this is our first time to do so. Last year our schedule was too busy but this time, the owner of GTVL and boss of CCF made sure that we can join the Christmas Party. Thankfully, the Chummy Chum van is on color-coding today that is why our schedule is free. 
The boss expressed his wish for a Carnival-like theme that even the children of his employees would truly enjoy it, including CCF staff. 
We prepared 600 popcorns, cotton candies, and also set up an ice cream booth which created a beeline of people wanting said goodies. There was also banderitas and ‘pabitin’ that CCF prepared for kids. 
All the children received toys, apples, oranges as well as food stubs. All the employees and their children enjoyed the party that our boss prepared. 
Big thanks to Genomal Family for sharing your blessings to all of us. May the good Lord bless you more.

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