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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chummy Chum Graces Western Bicutan Health Center

Everytime we pass by Western Bicutan Health Center, we notice that there are lots of indigent kids in the area during Tuesdays. 
We decided to go the Center before an event and talk to the administrator and we found out that the reason why there are many women and children during those times is because of the center gives away free medicines to indigent families in the area. We offered our help to give cheers to kids the Chummy Chum way. We decided to do it on a Wednesday and the administrator was very happy because it coincides with their free immunization such as Anti-measles. 
Come Wednesday, as CCF was preparing to set up, we were told that 100 kids were scheduled for the day. As we were cooking the popcorn, the number of kids gradually increased to 200. We were glad that we were able to help the health workers entice children to have free immunization that day. 

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