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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chummy Chum Visits Sick Children at NCH's Out-Patient Department

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and CCF hospital visitation is still ongoing as we start the “Love Month”. 
     Chummy Chum paid a visit to children at the out-patient department of National Children’s Hospital (NCH) located at E. Rodriguez, Quezon City. One volunteer, Mr. Mark Garcia, informed us of his intention of bringing hamburgers, from a popular fast food chain, as well as juice drinks as additional snacks, and we very much welcomed the idea. 
     When we started to set-up and cook the popcorn, the entire area became hungry by the aroma coming from the popcorn, that even over at the Cancer Ward, kids their wanted to have some. 
     The little ones were very excited to receive their freebies but we patiently informed them that we will distribute all the gifts to the children later on because they have yet to meet Chummy Chum. Some waited patiently, while others were very impatient and were already crying so we gave freebies to them first to appease them. 
     After Chummy Chum’s performance, the children all lined up and had their freebies and refreshments courtesy of Mark. Thank you so much for helping us out to make the children happy.

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