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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chummy Chum with ECPAT and Ateneo TUGON for NCSAAW Celebration

After the morning event in Manila, our group headed straight to Ateneo de Manila University in Katipunan, Quezon City for the NCSAAW Celebration as we were invited by ECPAT in cooperation with Ateneo’s TUGON. 
The theme of the event is Sexual Victims Awareness Celebration and to educate people of the rights and concerns of abused victims. Majority of the centers and institutions that houses abused children were present at the event. 
ECPAT and TUGON groups prepared for everything. They have 10 booths that offer various games and food, including Chummy Chum booth wherein we prepared popcorn and freebies for the participants. 
After the speech of the coordinator, the children started to play on the inflatable playgrounds set up for them. Some made a beeline to the food and drinks corner. Small children received most of the freebies but all of them had a grand time with the fiesta-like atmosphere of the event.

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