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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chummy Chum Visits East Ave Medical Center-OPD

Compared to what we experienced in PGH, we did not have a hard time entering East Avenue Medical Center (EAMC) thanks to our contact direct from OPD, Ms. Julie. The guards know us very well and are also glad that we bring smile to the sick kids at the said hospital. 
When we arrived, the children were almost there gathered at the OPD Ground Floor. When the children saw the balloons, they were all very curious as to what event it was. They all became wide-eyed and excited when they saw our popcorn booth and other Chummy Chum freebies. Chummy Chum came out and rendered a dance number for the kids as well as photo ops. 
Big thanks to Mrs. Cobbarubia from BFHEVA for additional refreshments as well as OJTs from Infotech for helping us

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