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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chummy Chum Visits PGH-OPD

It was not that easy to get inside PGH-OPD’s Department of Pediatrics even though we have a permission letter from the Director’s Office. The guards assigned during that time were new but after an hour, they let us in. 
However, we were not told that there was no electricity at that time because their power supply was down for 2 weeks now. We were sad for the children who were there for checkups because we can obviously see that they were uncomfortable because of the heat. But at that day, we somehow relieved their discomfort with the snacks and freebies we brought along, although we were not able to cook popcorn for them but nevertheless, we made them smile just the same. 
We would like to thank the OJT’s from Infotech as well as Mrs. Cobbarubia for added refreshments.

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