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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Chummy Chum with Ms. Krizia’s group at Cancer Ward of NCH

Chummy Chum accompanied Ms. Krizia to the Cancer Ward of National Children’s Hospital (NCH) to celebrate her special day with less fortunate children. It was just a dream for her before but has now become a reality. 
They met the sick children confined at the Cancer Ward of the said hospital. Some have been battling cancer with success, and some were not as lucky. Bernie’s Clown was also there to make the kids happy. They introduced us at the start of the program and what our mission is. They also introduced Ms. Krizia’s group. Some of the children there are already familiar with CCF. 
We started the program with a prayer and parlor games followed suit. Lots of gifts and prizes were given away to the delight of the children and mothers who participated. Chummy Chum came in last and danced for them. After that, they had their pictures taken with the adorable mascot, including Ms. Krizia’s family and friends. They were all contented and happy for sharing their blessings to these less fortunate ones. 
We would like to thank Ms. Lea Lopez for her generosity by also sharing her blessings, Ms. Bhing Bombita for her donation and OJT’s who volunteered for the event. To God be the glory!

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