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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chummy Chum Helps Dra. Cabansag on her feeding program for malnourished kids

Chummy Chum went to Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center (GABMMC) in Delpan St., Tondo, Manila at the request of Dra. Cabansag, a pediatric specialist of GABMMC. She requested CCF to sponsor their feeding program for malnourished children within their community. She cooked spaghetti with meatballs for the kids and their parents, while CCF offered popcorn, cotton candies and mineral water to the beneficiaries. She conducted a small lecture to the mothers on how to take good care of their children, there was also a film showing that everyone enjoyed while eating popcorn. After that, Chummy Chum came out and danced for them. Chummy Chum gave away toys courtesy of Mr. Jorolan. Both parents and children scrambled for the toys. Advocacy Outreach donated prizes for the games and raffle. The doctors present at the event thanked CCF for our help.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Chummy Chum graces Mr Jorolan’s Treat to Cancer Kids of PCMC

It was a not so nice day for us as we encountered a major setback as we were on our way to PCMC at around 7am. We were cruising along the Service Road when a motorcycle bumped into the Chummy Chum van, even though our van was running slow. Because it was a blind corner the motorcycle didn’t see us coming and it bumped into us as well as to a panel. We immediately got out of our van and helped the motorcycle rider (who was obviously drunk) as he was injured. They asked us to just leave because it was their fault anyway. But when the barangay ambulance of Marcelo Sucat Paranaque arrived, they took our driver’s license and van’s OR-CR and asked us to follow them as if we were criminals when in fact we just helped the injured. The rude barangay traffic officer treated us badly not considering that we were not at fault and even helped the rider. 
Because of the incident, we arrived late at the venue, we were supposed to be at PCMC by 9am, but we got there at past 11am. Good thing the program was still ongoing and we were still able to give joy to the cancer kid patients. With the help of Advocacy Outreach (prize donations), Sir Jorolan’s birthday treat to the children with cancer became a reality. Thank you to Infotech volunteers for helping us.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chummy Chum at Rotary Club of Holy Spirit’s Medical Mission with SMF at DAHHA

CCF once again joined SMF Medical Mission, this time in partnership with Rotary Club of Holy Spirit for their free medical services for poor residents within Don Antonio Heights, Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City. When we got to the venue, the line for registration was already long. It’s quite funny when we go to a place for the first time and they do not know what CCF is yet, and because we, the CCF staff, are very simple people, some organizers thought that we were also beneficiaries and requested us to fall in line and sign up too. But when they saw the SMF logo, and realize that we are also part of it, they immediately offer an apology. The Rotary Club of Holy Spirit acknowledged the presence of CCF and thank us for our participation in giving smile to the pedia beneficiaries. Big thanks to Infotech volunteers for helping us in the event


Friday, April 25, 2014

Chummy Chum takes part in Deworming Day for Poor Kids at Sta Ana Hospital

CCF granted the request of the Director’s Office of Sta Ana Hospital to grace their Deworming Activity to poor kids in the community. This event is part of the hospital’s anniversary activity. The program started with a dance number from a mascot of a popular food chain, there was also a story-telling activity. While the program is ongoing, we set up our booth and readied some gift prizes courtesy of Advocacy Outreach. Seeing this, the kids became more excited and could not wait to fall in line for the freebies. But the doctors said that the kids should go back to their seats first and listen to the story-telling, and that freebies will be distributed afterwards. So after the story telling, Chummy Chum appeared and entertained the kids, had some games and distribute the snacks and freebies. The children really enjoyed that day with the Chummy Chum freebies and snacks as well as ice cream courtesy of the doctors.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Chummy Chum Visits Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Hospital GABMMC-OPD

CCF went to Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Hospital located at Delpan St., Tondo, Manila as part of our monthly visit to public hospitals to also check and monitor the incubators that we donated to them. There are times that it is hard to schedule visitation due to change in hospital management since Manila is under a new administration. We exert much effort so as to ensure that the incubator units are functional. Apart from the maintenance, we also conduct visits to OPD wards to spread joy to children who are there for their checkups. With us are Infotech students who are also CCF volunteers. We would also like to acknowledge CCF followers such as Advocacy Outreach for their continued support. For this project, they provide the prizes for the games.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chummy Chum with SM Foundation for Imus Medical and Dental Mission

SM foundation held a free medical-dental mission at the 3rd floor of Savemore – Lumina. Officials of SM Savemore, Hypermart and SM Malls requested to invite indigent families to the medical mission that they are doing the whole year round. It is the SM owner’s mission to give back blessings to the community through their free medical mission because they firmly believe that “health is wealth” and they provide it to poor Filipino families who cannot afford to avail the high cost of even basic medical procedures. Among the free services that SMF renders are; free check-up, x-ray, ECG, bone scan, acupuncture/pythomax, free dental checkups, FBS and CBS, after the medical checkup and all those laboratories, they will give the patient appropriate medicines. If the condition is serious, they will endorse said patient to a specialist. CCF on the other hand, provide entertainment to kids who are also there to avail the free checkup. Our role is to ease their discomfort as they wait for their names to be called from the long list of patients.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chummy Chum at Ligas 3 feeding program for kids of a rug vendor

CCF headed to Ligas 3 Bacoor Cavite at “Kubo ni Tatang” to celebrate the first birthday of Kuya Val’s (CCF driver) granddaughter who requested him if they could invite CCF on sharing their blessings to the less fortunate children in their community. We helped them find a beneficiary for the said event and fortunately we found several kids that belong to a rug vendor and we invited them to the party. They were fetched by the Chummy Chum van at Masville, Sucat, Paranaque and brought them to the location. It was delightful to see them marvel at the CC van while we were on the road. They were very excited as we get to the venue. And when they saw the colorful balloons and decorations, they almost jumped off the van and ran excitedly to the party area. The party started with parlor games hosted by clowns. Prizes were provided by Ms. Krizia Ocampo. Big thanks to you for making the party extra special, and to Kuya Val for inviting the poor children of the rug vendor. More blessings to you.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chummy Chum Graces San Pedro Rotaract Clubs’ Medical Mission at Southville 3-A

Chummy Chum granted the request of Rotaract San Pedro South to grace there medical mission at Southville 3-A in San Pedro, Laguna. Southville 3-A is a relocation site for the poor families of San Pedro who were originally illegally settling at the “riles” boundary of San Pedro. When we arrived at the area, they registration was still ongoing. From the original 250 expected registrants, the number ballooned to 300 mainly because they wanted to receive CCF snacks and freebies but the supply of electricity on their area was very limited it took us so long to cook the popcorn. Towards the end, Chummy Chum came out and danced for the kids. It was heartwarming to see the big smiles on these kids’ faces and you can see that they really enjoyed seeing Chummy Chum dance. For us, making less fortunate children happy is priceless. We have had kids from other medical missions who are obviously relatives of volunteers or DSWD workers and are not really poor but wanted to have Chummy Chum freebies just the same and we can tell that there’s less appreciation with what we give them, unlike less fortunate children who really value and are very appreciative of what we give them. Rotaract Club of San Pedro South and their mother club, Rotary Club of San Pedro South always invite us to give joy to less fortunate children and this time, they are joined by the barangay officials of Southville 3-A in organizing this medical mission.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Chummy Chum at Ms. Krizia’s birthday celebration at Tahan-Tahanan

After the morning event, our group head straight to Tahan-Tahanan, located at the lower ground of East Ave. Medical Center, Quezon City to celebrate Ms Krizia’s birthday with cancer patients. Almost 30 cancer-stricken children and their parents were present at the event. When we arrived, the clowns commissioned for the event were already there, as well as the branded food ordered for the kids. 
We set up our popcorn booth near the kitchen because no food is allowed at the activity area. Because of this the kids wasn’t able to enjoy watching how we make popcorns.  
The party started when Ms Krizia, the birthday celebrant arrived. There were parlor games, magic show and dancing with Chummy Chum, finale was blowing of the birthday candles by the celebrant together with Chummy Chum and the cancer kid patients. The most awaited part was the gift-giving activity by the celebrant and CCF to the patients. Thank you to Infotech trainees for helping us out.

Chummy Chum with SM Foundation for Muntinlupa Medical Mission

CCF went with SM Foundation to Muntinlupa for another medical mission held at SM Muntinlupa parking space. We give much respect to the volunteers of both SMF as well as CCF's. Said volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless. With SMF having medical mission almost every day, they rely heavily on these volunteers to help them in partnership with Red Cross and DSWD. Same goes for us, we are fortunate to have students from Infotech as Chummy Chum volunteers. They help ease our gigantic task of serving the less fortunate such as assisting the children and helping us distribute Chummy Chum freebies and snacks.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chummy Chum Joins SM Foundation Health Service at Masinag Community

SM Foundation (SMF) provided free health service to the Masinag Community. The event was held at SM Masinag parking lot. Every year, SMF revisits the community that they have already been to for their medical mission and every time, CCF is there as their partner as we spread cheer to children who are there to avail the free checkup. 
Normally kids do not want to go to free medical checkups because of the long waiting period so they tend to get bored easily and agitated but when they see our colorful balloons and smell the yummy scent of our popcorns and cotton candy, their spirit light up and they get excited. While watching and waiting, they will be surprised when Chummy Chum comes out, dance for them and distribute freebies. That is where CCF and SMF get to help each other, by making sure that even poor families will have the right to access quality medical service as well as spreading joy to the less fortunate children. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chummy Chum Cheer Up Poor Kids at Pritil Feeding Program

Chummy Chum graces the feeding program held at Pritil in Tondo, Manila, one of the places that, some say, are dangerous to go to. But with the many time that we’ve done an outreach program in Tondo, especially in Smokey Mountain and “Ulingan” we can say that there is nothing dangerous as long as you do good things for them. When we go to places such as these, we became more inclined to give joy especially to underprivileged children, because we know that whatever we give them, they will treasure it with all their heart. Big thanks to Ms. Bhing Bombita for the freebies and volunteers from Infotech for helping us.

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