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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chummy Chum Visits Dr. Jose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital Pedia OPD

Directors of Dr. Jose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital were delighted when they get to receive a call from us that we were going to pay them a visit to do charity work and conduct maintenance checkup of the incubator that we donated to them. 
They were very thankful of our visit because some of their incubator units are defective and it’s a chance for our technicians to fix them up. 
The children were equally delighted when they saw us setting up our booth in the Pedia OPD section of the hospital. Some of the children were fascinated as they watch us make popcorn, while some were asking us if they could buy one. 
The kids did not wait long for Chummy Chum to come out as they danced along with him as if they were not sick at all. We were very happy that we get to see how enjoyable the event was for the children. As we were about to leave, the medical staff were already asking on when are we going to visit them again and we answered, “Very soon”.

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