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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chummy Chum Visits Las Pinas District Satellite and Trauma Center

Chummy Chum headed to Las Pinas City with Mark Garcia to visit Las Pinas District Satellite and Trauma Center (LPDSTC) to spread cheer to kids having their medical checkup at the OPD section of the said center. As we were setting up our booth and cooking the popcorns, the children were excitedly looking at our direction as were asking their parents on who could be celebrating their birthday today?  They got even excited when the smell of cooked popcorns started to fill the area that even the parents were asking if they could buy some. We told them that the popcorns will be distributed to kids later on. 
Afterwards, the program started and Chummy Chum came out to entertain the kids with a dance number. The children were all delighted to see him and even hugged Chummy Chum while he danced. They were able to get their picture with Chummy Chum along with the doctors. We started to give the kids freebies with the help of Mark Garcia who bought some MV muffin hamburger. 
We also thank Advocacy Outreach (AO) for the loot bags. Chummy Chum gave away toys, balloons, coloring sets, popcorns and mineral water. He kids were very happy that they even told their parents that it felt like it was Christmas during May. Big thanks to all our sponsors for this event.

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