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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Chummy Chum Joins Reed Elsevier Company at Guanella Home

CCF Team headed to Guanela Home located at Pinkian Road in Quezon City for another outreach program with Reed Elsevier Company. 
This is a home for abandoned kids with special needs. SPED students in Public and Private Schools are luckier than these kids because they still have their parents to take good care of them and defend them. With the kids here, they have no parents but the caretakers of Guanela tend to their needs. So sad to think that there are heartless parents who chose to hide from society, their kids with said medical condition or even abandon them. 
There are a lot of SPED Schools that will help them and their kids to cope with society and live a normal life. Hiding them will only make them more withdrawn. Kids at Guanella Home are more disciplined because of the care and guidance accorded to them by their caretakers. 
Big thank you to Karen and Michelle for the lootbags.

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