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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chummy Chum Goes to Angono for SM Foundation’s Medical Mission

CCF met the poor families of Angono Rizal who participated in SM Foundation’s Medical Mission. The event was held in Angono Municipal Hall.

We arrived at the venue after going through the rough road via C6. When we got there, the registration is ongoing. Everything went smoothly and was very organized, even when CCF distributed freebies to children. 

The only setback we encountered were people, particularly municipal volunteers, who were complaining that they too were already hungry and they were asking us for popcorns. We patiently explained to them that said popcorns are intended for children only. Despite their insistence, we stood our ground and kindly told them that we cannot give in to their wishes. Thankfully, they finally understood. Even SMF did not meddle with the situation and just let us be because they know our policy, that we are doing everything just for the kids. 

Big thanks to Calvary Square Sta. Mesa for the loot bags.  

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