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Friday, November 7, 2014

Chummy Chum at Gift Giving event in Ospital ng Maynila – OPD

The group headed to Roxas Boulevard for the gift-giving activity at Ospital ng Maynila and we were delighted to find out that our favorite director, Dr. Cando is back as director of the said hospital. Because he is one of the few who truly appreciates the help we do to public hospitals. 
CCF does not expect anything in return with the help we give but showing importance in all the efforts that we give is a big thing for us and makes us want to help them more. 
We used to have a hard time getting a schedule from the previous director even if we really wanted to help the hospital. Now that Dr. Cando is there, OM can look forward to many visits from CCF.

1 comment

  1. I really liked your kindness of giving gifts to these little children. Couple of days back I was very happy to attend such an event at one of New York venues where cancer affected children were brought and given lovely gifts along with some cash to their charity. I was really happy to see people helping them.


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