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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Chummy Chum with Rotaract San Pedro South’s Gift-Giving at NCH-Miscellaneous Ward

Chummy Chum headed to National Children’s Hospital upon the request of Rotaract Club of San Pedro South for their gift-giving activity at the Miscellaneous Ward of the said hospital. Here is where the sick children with infections and other serious diseases are confined. 
The kids here are not used to having parties unlike those at the Hema ward at the 4th floor. Unlike the kids at the Hema Ward wherein kids are obviously excited even hours before the program, the children at the Misc Ward were very shy, same with the Rotaractors who are the sponsors of the event. 
The kids were very grateful for the gifts from RAC San Pedro South, but it would have been better if the Rotaractors were more participative and have conveyed their message clearly. As with the numerous charity activities we have organized and attended, we think that it is not enough to just give but they also have to tell their benefactors the purpose on why they do it. This would make their benefactors clearly understand their group's mission. 
Also due to miscommunication, we didn't even get to have a picture together with the organizers.

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