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Monday, December 22, 2014

Chummy Chum at Erda-Pandacan Christmas Party Courtesy of Mrs. Sison

Chummy Chum went to Pandacan –ERDA in Manila for our first event for the day. We had a difficult time going to the venue as we got lost along the way due to so many eskinitas and also lack of coordination with the organizers. 

Eventually we found the place and immediately set up our table and cooked the popcorn. At that time, the kids have also started to arrive. 

However, there was also miscommunication as to the age range of the beneficiaries. The gifts that CCF & Mrs. Sison prepared are intended for primary level but when we got there, the children were mostly elementary students. Nevertheless, the children still enjoyed the party as well as the gifts they received from Mrs. Sison such as lootbags, toys, spaghetti and also Chummy Chum freebies. 

The children were very excited when Chummy Chum came out. They all scrambled to go to Chummy Chum and danced along with our adorable mascot. All in all, we are happy to see the big smiles on the children’s faces.

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