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Monday, December 22, 2014

Chummy Chum Graces ERDA-Baseco Christmas Party

After the first event, CCF Team headed straight to our second ERDA Beneficiaries from Baseco Compound located at Tondo, Manila. Today is their Christmas Party and there were so many food that the mothers brought in. 

The party was held at a venue that was quite small compared to the number of attendees but we learned that the people are already used to this scenarios. 

Our new driver had a hard time parking our van because there was a drunk person who slightly bumped his taxi’s side mirror on our van and was reprimanding our driver. But the bystanders attested that it was the drunk man’s fault. Most of the places that CCF goes to are depressed areas so encounters such as this is unavoidable.

Nevertheless, the kids had a great time during the party with all the snacks, entertainment, toys and freebies from Mrs. Sison, that they received.

As always, thank you Mrs. Sison for your generosity!

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