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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Chummy Chum with Ma’am Darah & Family for Her Yearly Christmas Treat to Poor Kids

After the morning event, our group headed straight to Commonwealth in Quezon City in a house owned by the Villanueva Family. 

Every last Saturday of December, poor people from the area are invited for a gathering outside the Villanueva house. The family share their blessings to the less fortunate. For this day, Ma’am Darah together with her relatives will continue the said tradition started by the Villanueva Matriarch. They promised their mother that they will continue this tradition for generations to come. 
Before Chrismas time, Ma’am Darah has started to ask her friends and relatives for donation so that when the day of the event arrives, they would have gathered enough goodies to distribute to the poor. 

The Villanueva family was happy for the effort being shown by the CCF Team that they also gave us Christmas presents. It was also delightful to know that even though Ma’am Darah’s eldest was afraid of mascot, they set that aside and think of the poor children that would be happy when they see Chummy Chum.

 But before the said event, CCF Team went to the Daughters of Charity to personally donate 100 bags of popcorn as well as gifts, balloons, loot bags and toys courtesy of Mrs. Sison, for their Christmas Party. Once again, thank you Mrs. Sison for your generosity.

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