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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Chummy Chum Visit Western Bicutan Health center

In the morning of January 28, we were back in Western Bicutan Health Center located at East Service Road, Western Bicutan, Taguig,

  The kids mostly come from impoverished communities, and most were suffering from coughs and colds. At the sight of the tarp and the effects we were setting up, it warmed our hearts that the guardians of these kids found it heart-moving to know our group is dedicated on sharing blessings and touching lives of as many kids as possible,. Here in Chummy Chum, we feel that we are a success when we see children smiling and just being their cheerful selves, and that day was no exception as we looked at the young patients trying to dance with Chummy Chum. Thank you Ms. Anonymous for added refreshment.  =)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chummy Chum Paid Visit to (JAMH-OPD Pedia)

Tuesday morning it was, and Chummy Chum and team was once again paying Justice Abad Memorial Hospital a visit at numancia St. Tondo Manila- OPD.
were always rewarded by the kids smiles and gestures of thankfulness. Our team is really glad that we get to know people who have big hearts- like Ms.Anonymous, who is generous with her time,  who gave additional refreshments to the kids. We believe that as long as we are steadfast in promoting our mission of charity to the children, people will get inspired to help too, and realize that indeed, it’s so much better to give than to receive.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chummy Chum with SM Foundation Medical Mission in Pateros Community

CCF had another joint venture with SMF Cares, this time at Sta Ana Health Center, Pateros SM Foundation coordinated with the Barangay of Pateros to gather up the poorest in their community for the free medical & dental services to barangay, especially those who cannot afford to buy medicine and those who are already sick and in need of medical attention, but have no money for it. 
This is the reason why Chummy Chum Foundation supports this mission, they give importance to the poorest of the poor and give them benefits that they don’t normally receive. On our part, we are glad to help kids from these communities. One can never buy the radiant smiles and the warm thank you’s that these children give.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chummy Chum and Ms.Ahne Treat the Cancer kid's of NCH

Afternoon  to the National Childrens Hospital we went, and this time Chummy Chum was with Ms.Ahne (volunteer of Chummy Chum Foundation )  to have her dream birthday celebration with  the less fortunate kids in the NCH...

 The party was complete with Chummy chum and Ms. Ahne ‘s family and friends,                                    It was a day of games and prizes, dancing with the birthday girl, picture – taking, merienda - eating, gift- giving and freebies.
 For the finale,  Chummy Chum came out to meet the kids  and danced with them energetically-- all- smiles and thrilled! Even until the next day  of the many  thank-you mails saying how unique the party was Chummy Chum and Ms.Ahne’s friend prepared. It was all awesome and memorable day together with the cancer patient.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another Joy for Sick kid's at (OSTON-OPD)

The team paid a visit to the Ospital ng Tondo at Abad Santos Ave.Tondo  Manila, to share the blessings with the children patients and their families. When we arrived, the kids and their parents were in line for check-up with the doctors, and we got worried that we may not have time to personally give them the gifts and the snacks we had prepared for them. The kids of course, curious and not wanting to miss out on what we brought for them asked their parents to make a beeline to our table while the kids themselves wait for their turn with the doctor! Talk about kids coming up with ingenious solutions to problems. =P It was again a great afternoon of gift-giving and sharing our blessings. Before we left, the kids asked us when we’d be back, and said that maybe they’d get sick on our next visit so they could again meet us! =D Thanks again to Ms./Mr. anonymous for added refreshment.

Chummy Chum Bring Smile to Poor sick kid's of (GAMH-OPD)

In most places we get to visit, the commotion and questions begin with our pride- the Chummy Chum van. With its eye-catching paint, decorations and music, we know it is definitely something special of Manila road traffic. Then when we stop and take out the pop corn machine, the cotton candy maker, and the balloons and the boxes of gifts more glances move to our direction.

In Chummy Chum, all we want is for each child is to feel like it’s their birthday.  We went to the Gat Andress Memorial Hospital- OPD at Delpan Rd, Tondo Manila and with the help of our dearest friends Ms./Mr. Anonymous, we treated the kids to yet another joy -and -surprise- The truth is we want to turn every ordinary day like it’s someone’s birthday for these kids. Because seeing the smiles of these kids is just priceless. =)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Chummy Chum and "ARAL PINOY" Meet the Gawad Kalinga kid's

CCF received an invitation from Aral Pinoy Feeding Program to sponsor the refreshments of almost 100 indigent kids from Gawad kalinga. The feeding program named "Libreng Salo Salo treat for kids" was held at covered court of Dagonoy Market Sta Ana Manila. 
    When CCF arrived at the venue there was hardly any kids in sight but when they saw our colorful Chummy Chum Van, kids came rushing in  to welcome us. Prior to our arrival, children that were part of the feeding program were already given food stubs. Kids who have no food stubs stayed outside covered court to watch the games and entertainment we prepared. After the games, the Aral Pinoy group shared the Word of God to the kids. They also gave gifts and prizes to children who were listening intently. Chummy Chum came out and danced with the children. 
    It was another mission accomplished for us as the kids all went home with big smiles on their faces.

Chummy Chum Graces the Launching of "SAGIP KID'S"

Chummy Chum granted the request of Sagip Kids to grace their launching day for indigent  Kids. Together with Ms. Leisette  and friends, who provided additional refreshments, CCF prepared snacks such as popcorn and cotton candy as well as entertainment for the children .
  Sagip kids is under by the single for Christ are truly blessed because they receive help from other generous organizations and individuals like Ms. Leisette and friends. The feeding program was held in a covered court of Mandaluyong addition hills  wherein Chummy Chum entertained together with the clowns, the kids were all happy as they went back to their homes. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Chummy Chum Visit the Pasay City General Hospital-Out Patient Department

Chummy Chum went on a hospital visit on a fine Friday morning at the Out Patient Department of Pasay City general hospital (PCGH). 
 Almost 50 children who were having their scheduled checkups were pleasantly surprised seeing us bringing freebies, snacks and entertainment to them. 
They immediately formed a beeline and were very excited to receive their loots. Big thanks to Sir Mark and friends for the cupcakes and juice,

Friday, January 2, 2015

Chummy Chum with Kuya Willy and Family for their Christmas Treat to Sta. Rita orphans

CCF received a request from Kuya Willy to sponsor them as they share their blessings to Sta. Rita Orphanage here in Paranaque. Little did we know that the said orphanage is just a stone’s throw away from our headquarters. 

Sta. Rita houses abandoned children who are also up for adoption. The orphanage is run by nuns and it is peaceful and very conducive for the children. 

Kuya Willy spent his 50th birthday here as a way of thanking God for the blessings he has received. Kuya Willy is a good cook and he prepared lots of food for the children, the nuns and his close friends. CCF added some more freebies and made Chummy Chum dance for the kids. Everyone enjoyed the party especially the children at Sta Rita Orphanage.

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