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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Chummy Chum Spends Valentine’s Day with Poor Community of DAHHA with SM Foundation

CCF Staff spent the day of hearts with poor kids of DAHHA community in Quezon City as we took part at SM Foundation’s Medical Mission. 

The medical mission was held at the covered court. All the tables were nicely decorated and we were joking that since that it was a special day, the medicines were our “handa”. As we were preparing the popcorns, the children started to come near our booth to see us cook. And when they ready our notice that says “Free popcorns and freebies for kids after the checkup” they do understand and get back on the line. 

It was the Rotary Club of Quezon City that requested SMF to hold Medical Missions in the poor communities of Dahha. The Rotarians were better organized this time as they prepared food for the doctors and SMF staff as compared to last year’s. It is good to work with groups that are aware of the needs of their guests. Even though we do this for free, we appreciate organizers/group who are accommodating and cordial. 

Big thanks to Ms. Jhen for donating some of the lootbags.

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