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Friday, February 13, 2015

Chummy Chum with SMF Medical Service at OLCP Community

CCF headed to Quezon City, particularly at OLCP Miranele Subdivision for another medical mission by SM Foundation. 

    The beneficiaries are those that belong to the poor community. When we got there, the organizers were already counting off the beneficiaries thru their list, and we saw that the children were already agitated as the organizer was calling the names and numbers one by one. 

     As we were setting up our booth, it’s good that medical mission is already starting. After the medical checkup of the children, they proceeded to our booth to receive Chummy Chum freebies and popcorns. The kids were ok, it was some of the mothers who were more stubborn as they insisted getting freebies for their kids even though the checkup is not done yet. 

      Nevertheless we are happy that we get to share love and cheer to more kids. Big thanks to Ms. Jhen for the lootbags.

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