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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chummy Chum Brings Joy to Kids at Laurel District Medical Center

CCF Team left early for Tanauan, Batangas to meet up and get to know our potential beneficiary of an Incubator under our Child Survival Maintenance Program (CSMP) but there was a miscommunication with our driver. We were not given the signal to take Startoll but went through anyway, just so we could get to the venue on time. 
We were already at Laurel District Medical Center at 7am before we found out that the schedule is at 10am. Should we have known, we would’ve taken a different way so as not to spend so much for toll fees. 
Nevertheless, we were glad that the hospital staff of Laurel were very accommodating. 
This is the only hospital in Laurel, Batangas and the staff informed us that they do not have a public midwife so we had doubts if they will qualify as beneficiaries of the incubator since what they have is a private midwife. 
They proposed that they will not charge even the private patients for the incubator use but we informed them that our beneficiaries for the incubators are the poor mothers who cannot afford the service.
 Big thanks to Mam Rodriguez for the toys, and lootbags and to Ms. Dora for the cupcakes and refreshments.

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