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Friday, March 27, 2015

Chummy Chum Graces Aral Pinoy Libreng Salo-salo Lenten Season

After the morning event, the CCF Team went to Malate Manila for Aral’s event for children. Aral Pinoy chose Brgy 733 Zone 80 as the venue of their event. We had a hard time to find the place and when we get there, we found that the venue was quite small to hold a Lenten celebration. 
     We observed that the kids who attended the celebration are healthy, well-dressed and were not really from the poor sector. The organizer even had their event coincide with that of a Councilor's and was there for early campaigning. 
     We wanted to gently remind everyone that our Foundation caters exclusively to less fortunate children because they are the ones who are not privileged enough to experience mascots, good food, parties and such. It is ok if there are children who are “well-off” mixed with poor kids. Just as long the number of underprivileged children are more than that of the well-off kids. 
     We also receive invitations from those that live under the bridge but it would be better if the venues that the organizers choose is spacious and conducive to the welfare of our beneficiaries. We are not picky when it comes to invites, what we request is that the venue be comfortable for everyone. Even our boss wanted everything to be ok and in order so that our relationship with organizations who invite us with run much longer.

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