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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Chummy Chum Visits “Bahay Aruga” a New Halfway Home for Children with Cancer

CCF Team left the HQ early as we grant the request of a group of students from University of the Philippines – Manila. The venue was at the EAC Building. Upon entering the venue, we encountered a problem as the organizer didn’t get to settle the permits we need so our machine could go through. 
As we wait, we visited the venue and we saw that the area is at a higher level. We realized that we will have a difficult time especially bringing up our machine so we had to back off. Aside from the lack of communication and coordination on the part of the invitee, we deemed it wise to turn down their request and just head home. 
As we stopped at a certain building, someone recognized us and talked to us. That person remembered that we are the ones who bring cheer to poor children especially kids who are afflicted with serious diseases such as cancer. 
The person led us to a building called “Bahay Aruga” a temporary place to stay for Cancer Kid Patients who are undergoing medication at PGH. There were 30 kids inside that are undergoing chemotherapy at PGH. The area is small and the first thing you will see are hospital beds for the children. 
Bahay Aruga just turned 1 and not a lot of people know about it. The staff requested us if they could also seek help from SM Foundation. 
We will be back at “Bahay Aruga” this April to again spread joy and cheer to these sick children.

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