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Friday, March 20, 2015

Chummy Chum Visits Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center

CCF staff went to Jose Reyes Medical Center (JRMMC) just beside the Department of Health (DOH) building. We were lucky we didn’t get lost since we have no permanent driver and we are still for one that is trustworthy and hardworking. 

Beforehand we had several meetings with the staff and admin of the hospital because they are one of the beneficiaries of our incubator donation. We got to the place which is spacious, second to PGH, and there are many indigent people who come here for medical treatment. The hospital is air-conditioned as well as their OPD-Pedia. We were told to set up there by the nurses. 

The children as well as the parents who were there for checkups got attracted to the sweet smelling scent of our cooked popcorn. Afterwards, Chummy Chum came out to entertain the kids and had their pictures with our adorable mascot. Then the kids started to line-up for to receive snacks and goodies from CCF and Ms. Marianne who donated lootbags. 

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