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Friday, March 13, 2015

Chummy Chum Visits Sta Rosa Community Hospital’s Pedia Ward and OPD

CCF went to Santa Rosa, Laguna to visit Santa Rosa Community Hospital for an occular inspection as potential beneficiary of a brand new incubator.
We were welcomed warmly by the hospital staff but as they say, 'you cannot please everybody' and there is this one person who doesn’t like the smell of popcorn and practically shooed us away but the hospital director insisted that we just stay put. 
The director was very happy of what we do for the children especially when they found out that we are considering their hospital as a possible beneficiary of our brand new incubator.
We did not pay attention to that one person who was very rude and just did our job in making kids happy as we prepared the snacks and gifts for the children.
Some staff were asking if we could also give them lootbags which were placed in cute canisters but we kindly informed them that those are for the children and gave them (staff) popcorns instead. Big thanks to Ms. Marianne for the additional refreshments.

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