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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Chummy Chum with Ms Marriane and St. Mary’s Batch ’85 Gives Back to Bukas Palad

CCF headed to Bukas Palad Foundation in Pasay City, a drop in center for poorest of the poor wherein they are given free meals. 
We went there to celebrate Ms. Marriane’s birthday who’s been doing charity works with us for four (4) years now. 
When we got there, we saw 3 families about to have their meals courtesy of the visitors, which treated them as their “adopted families”. 
Said families were with some of the children whom Ms. Marriane and her batch mates in Saint Mary’s Pasay included in her birthday treat. We immediately set up our booth and someone asked for our number especially when they learned that we are all doing this pro bono. 
The host started the mini program with games and lots of photo op. They were served with food from a well-known fastfood chain. Afterwards, Chummy Chum came out and entertained everyone. The children lined up for the popcorn and cotton candy and were given gifts and freebies.

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