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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Chummy Chum Joins Dra. Mancao in celebrating Grand Daughter’s Birthday at Bahay Aruga

CCF headed to Mendalla St, Valley 1 barangay San Antonio, Paranaque City wherein the Drop In Center for Bahay Aruga is located. Bahay Aruga also houses abandoned and abused kids as well as children with special needs. Here is where DSWD process the transfer of said kids to other centers. 
Our Sponsor for today, Dra. Mancao is a good friend of Dra. Rorie of SM Foundation. Dra. Mancao’s granddaughter, KC, has started celebrating her birthday with less fortunate children since last year and they vowed to do this every year. 
We got to the place, which was surprisingly near our HQ, we immediately set up our booth as visitors started to arrive and we were introduced to Dra. Mancao. She is an orthopedic specialist and she also does prosthetic. We were glad that she offered her help to us, free of charge. 
The program ensued with games and prizes. After which, Chummy Chum came out and danced for the children and took a picture with them. Snacks and gift giving activity followed suit. KC and her friends were very happy to have a complete birthday celebration with the less fortunate kids. We intended not to show the faces of the children to protect their identity. 
Big thanks to Ate Lybian and friends for volunteering.

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