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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Chummy Chum Surprise Kids at Rosario Batangas for SM Foundation’s Medical Mission

CCF Team headed to St. Joseph College, Rosario Batangas City for another Medical Mission by SM Foundation. 
The route we took going to Rosario was quite long but it didn’t really matter because we were delighted with the rural sight. When we got to the venue, only few people were there. It seems like not many people know about the medical mission. 
We were joking around that our sale was down for today because we are used to seeing activities with huge crowd turnout. 
The morning meal wasn’t ready yet so the staff of SMF were apologetic as popcorns were served to the doctors as ‘morning snacks’ but when lunch time came, we were pleasantly surprised by the deluge of food served to us and all the doctors and volunteers by the invitee. 
We would like to thank SMF for paying CCF’s startoll fee. 

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