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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Chummy Chum Joins Advocacy Outreach’s Back to School Project for Poor Kids

CCF headed to Brgy. E. Rodriguez, Cubao Quezon City to be with Advocacy Outreach for another charity project. The activity was held at the Nativity of Lord Parish Church. We almost got lost going there because Brgy. E. Rodriguez was quite big and due to the wrong address given by the invitee. But when we saw the poor children waiting for us at the venue, all the tiredness we fell went away. 
    Advocacy Outreach is a group of kind-hearted people that solicit donations from their friends for a year so they could share them to less fortunate children. 
     The inspiration for this is Anjo, a kid with a generous heart who passed away and led to his parents and friends to form Advocacy Outreach and continue what Anjo did which was sharing his blessings to less fortunate children. 
     When CCF Staff arrived at the venue, the kids were not there yet, so the organizers requested us to block our van so as to serve as display at the program venue. 
    When the children arrived, the program started with the Nuns teaching kids about God’s love. Those who listened were given prizes courtesy of Chummy Chum. All the kids received gifts from Advocacy Outreach and Chummy Chum Foundation.

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