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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Chummy Chum joins Ms. Mayette as She Treat Kids at Bahay Aruga

From St. Benilde, we headed straight to Malate, Manila in the evening to grace the last minute invitation of Ms. Mayette, founder of Bahay Aruga. 
She wanted to treat the Kids with Cancer that temporarily resides at Bahay Aruga. These children are terminally ill and only have moments to live, so who are we to say to her request? 
When we got there, the food and gifts were already prepared, which were solicited from generous people. 
I remember Childhaus which Mother Ricky Reyes handles… Ms. Mayette also has a beauty salon but it’s not as big as that of Mother Ricky. Childhaus has many donors because its founder knows a lot of well-off people. 
With Ms. Mayette, she is just starting and she admits that she is praying for the needs of these sick children such as medicines & transport money for medical checkups. If the patients don’t have food, Ms. Mayette provides for them so they will not get hungry. She also admits that she also needs help with the utility bills of Bahay Aruga for the sake of the poor cancer patients.
We sincerely hope that the kinds readers will help the poor cancer patients in Bahay Aruga.

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