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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Chummy Chum with Ms. Kat & Friends Spread Cheer and Blessings at Sarnelli Center

CCF went to L. Gabriel St., Airport Rd, Paranaque City to treat the children of said community, our chosen beneficiary for Ms. Kat. 
She has long been in search of poor children to share her blessings with. She called us up and requested to help her. She also said she wanted the venue just near her place. 
Ms. Kat provided catering food, cakes and grocery items. She trusted yours truly to supervise everything because she has no time to do so. She sent us money to buy everything needed for the Sarnelli activity. Our volunteers who did the marketing provided her receipts of the purchased items. 
Ms. Kat vowed that she will do this kind of outreach again every year for the sake of the poor children. 
CCF team arrived at the venue to set up. You can see in the photos, 4 huge tables with lots of food and gifts. 
The program started when Ms. Kat & friends arrived. They joined in the fun and were delighted with the clowns’ antics. So delighted, that she gave everyone bonus tips. She also donated a cash check to Chummy Chum Foundation. 
Thank you very much Ms. Kat! 

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