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Monday, June 15, 2015

Chummy Chum Joins Ms. JM & Mr. Alex for Cancer Kids Treat at NCH

CCF Team respond to Mr. Alex’s request for us to find them a beneficiary to share their blessings with. He was able to reach us by filling in the “online contact us form” here on our website.

We accompanied him and Ms. JM to National Children’s Hospital to treat the Cancer Kid Patients. 

Since this is their first outreach experience, they requested us to organize the activity such as ordering food, buying toys for the kids and preparing lootbags and balloons.During these occasions, we are being assisted by volunteers as they help us but toys and giveaways that kids will surely love and still stick on the budget that the donor provided for us. 
During the event, everyone was delighted to see just how many toys, freebies and food we were able to produce for the children. In photos you can see just how happy and contented the children and the donors were.

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