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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chummy Chum Graces National Disability Awareness Month at Alfonso Central SPED

CCF Team went to Alfonso Cavite for National Disability Awareness Month at Alfonso Central. We took the express way because the Chummy van was under coding that day. 
The school booked the event to us 2 weeks ago. They requested us to sponsor the snacks of almost 300 SPED students within Alfonso and we granted their request.
We went to the event in our new uniforms provided by our boss. We like our new uniforms because it makes us even more proud to do what we do and our boss is very kind and accommodating. Filipino kids are very lucky that there is one kind-hearted foreigner,  such as our boss, who shares his blessing without expecting anything in return. 
For today we were able to give joy to a lot of SPED kids. The people who are concerned for them are very thankful to CCF for giving these special children importance.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Chummy Chum Spread Cheer at Phil Children’s Medical Center-OPD

CCF went to Agham Road in Quezon City for a hospital visit at Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC). Ms. Beth, our contact person at PMCC, was delighted that we visited them again. They requested for us to visit them on a monthly basis but it wouldn’t be possible because we also visit a lot of public hospitals. I's been 6 months since we last visited PCMC and we didn’t even notice it, how time flies. There was a little setback when we got there but it was ironed out immediately. 
We set up our booth at the OPD. We saw several kids waiting in line for their scheduled check-up. Some of the kids are in a sorry state and we can’t help but feel pity for them. Only 40 kids out of 100 were included in their program so other kids who were not part of it went to our booth to ask for popcorns. 
We would like to remind organizations who are planning for an outreach activity to coordinate with CCF and we will refer you to centers and hospitals according to your budget. It’s a pity to see children getting disappointed and just starting at blanks space because they didn’t get anything.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Chummy Chum Joins Aral Pinoy Feeding Program in Bacoor, Cavite

CCF Team went to Mambog 3 in Bacoor, Cavite for Aral Pinoy’s Feeding program. 
The event was held at Mambog 3 Addas Subdivision. They let the poor kids in the community enter the village so they could experience a party courtesy of Aral Pinoy and CCF. 
We arrived at the venue early and we even chanced upon a Zumba class. We learned later that the said people were also some of the sponsor of that day’s activity. 
As we finished setting up, the “Zumba Girls” kick-started the parlor games for the children. The Brgy Captain arrived and gave out prizes for the children. 
A little later, the founder of Aral Pinoy arrived and they conducted more games hosted by the clowns. It seemed like the children were already tired and they became a bit rowdy.  So they were told to settle down and were given food so they could eat before they start the games again. 
Afterwards, Chummy Chum came out and entertained the children who were all delighted and excited to interact with Chummy Chum as this was the first time they saw our adorable mascot. 
We realized that Metro Manila is really big and there are still more communities that we can visit and spread cheer to poor children such as these.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Chummy Chum bring cheers to poor kids in Medical Mission at Brgy. Papaya, Batangas

CCF went to Batangas for another outreach activity. This one is farther compared to Pampanga as we had to navigate the road going to Pico de Loro, one of the largest beach resorts in Nasugbu, Batangas. 
We somehow lost our way going to the venue as it was a remote place. Good thing we came across a good samaritan and gave us the right direction. 
When the CCF team arrived on the venue, the doctors were already starting to attend to the patients for check-up. So we immediately set up our booth and cooked popcorns. There were only few people there for the check-up since according to the staff, it rained hard earlier.
 When we started giving CC freebies to the children, a throng of mothers with their kids went to our booth to ask for freebies. We and the doctors have a strict rule that only those patients with kids will be given freebies. 
The rain poured hard again but we were thankful that registration was almost finished and everyone was safe.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chummy Chum with SM Foundation at Brgy Leterbagan, San Fernando Pampanga for Medical Mission

CCF team headed to San Fernando Pampanga for another tie-up activity with SM Foundation. It was our first time to go there. We thought it would be a long journey but it turned out to be quick as we went there via expressway courtesy of SMF. 
The event was held at SM Hypermart in San Fernando. The beneficiaries are the poorest families of the said community. They were ushered in to avail of the free medical check-up and medicines. 
Those with children were also made to register with us so they can avail the CC freebies. Even those shoppers with kids who were not part of the medical mission were asking us for freebies, good thing we were able to put up a sign that says; “Free popcorn and other freebies for kids only after check-up”. But there were still who were very persistent, although there were more people who understand that the CC freebies are for poor kid beneficiaries only.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Chummy Chum donates two units of Incubator at AFP General Hospital and Visits Pedia & Cancer Ward

AFP General Hospital is very lucky as it was chosen to be the beneficiary of two (2) brand new incubator units by CCF as part ouf our Child Survival Maintenance Equipment Program (CSEP). 
AFP Gen. Hospital caters to poor soldiers and we extended our help particularly to those who have new-borns who are prematurely delivered. 
We have an interesting story with this hospital. Year 2011, CCF was looking for possible beneficiaries of incubators and we called up a hospital in Quezon City. But we dialled the last number wrongly and ended calling up AFP Gen Pedia Department. At that time they were having problems as to how they can take care of premature babies and they were delighted when we told them that they’re hospital can be a potential beneficiary. 
This story has been in the mind of the CCF President and today, the hospital was blessed with brand new units. CCF Board Members were also able to meet the new AFP Hospital Director along with other new members of the board of AFP General Hospital. After which, everyone proceeded to the 6th floor to give joy to children confined there. 
Thank you to Ms. Jinky Maga Derpo for the additional refreshments.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Chummy Chum at 44th Anniversary Celebration of Tondo Medical Center

CCF staff went to Tondo Medical Center to bring cheer to sick children at OPD, inpatient and Pedia Ward as part of TMC’s 44th Anniversary Celebration. 
The original date of their celebration is July 16 (Thursday) but since we cannot make it on that date because our vehicle is coding during Thursdays, they opted to do the event a day before. 
A mass was held before the activity, followed by a parade (CCF truck included). Children at the OPD and Pedia Ward were lucky because they were the only one who were given CC freebies despite so many people (including staff) asking for freebies. We politely told them that the freebies are for the kids only. 
After that, Chummy Chum proceeded upstairs to entertain kids who are confined in the hospital and are just recovering.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Chummy Chum with Ms. Kates and friends at Bahay Aruga for Gift Giving Activity

Many people are aware about how CCF helps group in conducting outreach programs a lot of them are encouraged to share their blessings to less fortunate kids, such as Ms. Kates. 
She was inspired to celebrate her birthday with cancer kid patients due to our encouragement. 
So when Ms. Kates booked a schedule with us, we immediately called up Bahay Aruga to check the availability for this day. We also asked the best food for the kids and they requested special lugaw with tokwa and lumpia. So that’s what Ms. Kates prepared. 
With the many times that we have conducted outreach activities at Bahay Aruga we have come to know different children who have bravely fought cancer and are continuously fighting the disease. 
While we were having this particular activity, amidst the joy, there’s also sadness because another child lost the battle, Sunday evening, and had a funeral service the next day in one of the chapels in Manila. 
We truly felt how Ms. Kates brought joy to the children but we also felt their fear because of the series of death of their friends who lost the battle to the big C. 
We offer you our prayers and may the Lord God heal you.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Chummy Chum Graces Family Day Event of National Center for Mental Health

CCF received an invite from the National Center for Mental Health to sponsor their Family Day for kids (ages 15 and below) with mental problems. 
    The children who participated in the event are those who have undergone six (6) months of therapy & counselling and are ready for release. 
    Thru their continuous intake of medicine as well as proper guidance and live from their family they are they are well on their way to recovery will be able to live a normal life. 
NCMH only requested for CC packages but since this event is done once a year only, we exerted more effort and looked for sponsors. 
    Big thanks to the following: Rotaract San Pedro South for the toiletries, Mrs. Cobarubbia for JCO donuts, Ms, Lorela for the meals, Dra. Mancao for the cakes & Mr. & Mrs. Montojo for juice drinks & toasted siopao and for the help they have extended to us. 

Thank you very much and God bless you more. 
We intended not to disclose the identity of the children for their protection.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Chummy Chum with Ms. Cecille and friends at House of Sarang for Gift Giving Activity

CCF Staff headed to House of Sarang in Silang Cavite for another charity activity. House of Sarang was originally located in Taguig and was transferred here about a year ago. Silang is an ideal place because the site looks like a ranch.

Our donors arrived late because they weren’t familiar with the place. People of Sarang met our group in an appointed place and led us to the venue.

We immediately set up our booth and prepared the freebies and popcorns. We always wanted to be early so that children will not get impatient from waiting.

The schedule that was given to CCF was 10am-12nn but Ms. Cecille’s group arrived at 11am. So we went ahead because we could only allot 2hrs for each activity. The organizers allowed Ms. Cecille and friends to stay for another 1hr.

After we left, we received a text message from Ms. Cecille profusely thanking us for our help and they saw how happy the kids of House of Sarang were.

We intentionally did not show the faces of the children in the photos for their own protection.

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