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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Chummy Chum at 44th Anniversary Celebration of Tondo Medical Center

CCF staff went to Tondo Medical Center to bring cheer to sick children at OPD, inpatient and Pedia Ward as part of TMC’s 44th Anniversary Celebration. 
The original date of their celebration is July 16 (Thursday) but since we cannot make it on that date because our vehicle is coding during Thursdays, they opted to do the event a day before. 
A mass was held before the activity, followed by a parade (CCF truck included). Children at the OPD and Pedia Ward were lucky because they were the only one who were given CC freebies despite so many people (including staff) asking for freebies. We politely told them that the freebies are for the kids only. 
After that, Chummy Chum proceeded upstairs to entertain kids who are confined in the hospital and are just recovering.

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