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Monday, July 20, 2015

Chummy Chum donates two units of Incubator at AFP General Hospital and Visits Pedia & Cancer Ward

AFP General Hospital is very lucky as it was chosen to be the beneficiary of two (2) brand new incubator units by CCF as part ouf our Child Survival Maintenance Equipment Program (CSEP). 
AFP Gen. Hospital caters to poor soldiers and we extended our help particularly to those who have new-borns who are prematurely delivered. 
We have an interesting story with this hospital. Year 2011, CCF was looking for possible beneficiaries of incubators and we called up a hospital in Quezon City. But we dialled the last number wrongly and ended calling up AFP Gen Pedia Department. At that time they were having problems as to how they can take care of premature babies and they were delighted when we told them that they’re hospital can be a potential beneficiary. 
This story has been in the mind of the CCF President and today, the hospital was blessed with brand new units. CCF Board Members were also able to meet the new AFP Hospital Director along with other new members of the board of AFP General Hospital. After which, everyone proceeded to the 6th floor to give joy to children confined there. 
Thank you to Ms. Jinky Maga Derpo for the additional refreshments.

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