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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chummy Chum Graces National Disability Awareness Month at Alfonso Central SPED

CCF Team went to Alfonso Cavite for National Disability Awareness Month at Alfonso Central. We took the express way because the Chummy van was under coding that day. 
The school booked the event to us 2 weeks ago. They requested us to sponsor the snacks of almost 300 SPED students within Alfonso and we granted their request.
We went to the event in our new uniforms provided by our boss. We like our new uniforms because it makes us even more proud to do what we do and our boss is very kind and accommodating. Filipino kids are very lucky that there is one kind-hearted foreigner,  such as our boss, who shares his blessing without expecting anything in return. 
For today we were able to give joy to a lot of SPED kids. The people who are concerned for them are very thankful to CCF for giving these special children importance.

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