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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Chummy Chum with Ms. Cecille and friends at House of Sarang for Gift Giving Activity

CCF Staff headed to House of Sarang in Silang Cavite for another charity activity. House of Sarang was originally located in Taguig and was transferred here about a year ago. Silang is an ideal place because the site looks like a ranch.

Our donors arrived late because they weren’t familiar with the place. People of Sarang met our group in an appointed place and led us to the venue.

We immediately set up our booth and prepared the freebies and popcorns. We always wanted to be early so that children will not get impatient from waiting.

The schedule that was given to CCF was 10am-12nn but Ms. Cecille’s group arrived at 11am. So we went ahead because we could only allot 2hrs for each activity. The organizers allowed Ms. Cecille and friends to stay for another 1hr.

After we left, we received a text message from Ms. Cecille profusely thanking us for our help and they saw how happy the kids of House of Sarang were.

We intentionally did not show the faces of the children in the photos for their own protection.

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