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Monday, July 13, 2015

Chummy Chum with Ms. Kates and friends at Bahay Aruga for Gift Giving Activity

Many people are aware about how CCF helps group in conducting outreach programs a lot of them are encouraged to share their blessings to less fortunate kids, such as Ms. Kates. 
She was inspired to celebrate her birthday with cancer kid patients due to our encouragement. 
So when Ms. Kates booked a schedule with us, we immediately called up Bahay Aruga to check the availability for this day. We also asked the best food for the kids and they requested special lugaw with tokwa and lumpia. So that’s what Ms. Kates prepared. 
With the many times that we have conducted outreach activities at Bahay Aruga we have come to know different children who have bravely fought cancer and are continuously fighting the disease. 
While we were having this particular activity, amidst the joy, there’s also sadness because another child lost the battle, Sunday evening, and had a funeral service the next day in one of the chapels in Manila. 
We truly felt how Ms. Kates brought joy to the children but we also felt their fear because of the series of death of their friends who lost the battle to the big C. 
We offer you our prayers and may the Lord God heal you.

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