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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Chummy Chum w/ Baby Andrea Share Blessings to Kids of Side-car Boys

After the 1st event, CCF Team went to Villa Elisa Subdivision in Imus Cavite to grant the wish of Baby Andrea’s parent to celebrate her 1st birthday. 
Even though they are poor, they also wanted to share what they have to the less fortunate children. Most of their visitors are children of Side-car Boys in their area. 
When we invited them they were apologetic because they do not have gifts to give the birthday celebrant. We told them that there was no need for that and instead, they will be the ones to be given presents. 
During the celebration, Morris and friends were also with us to help and don the clown costume and entertained the kids for a much lower fee just to share happiness to the children. The kids went home happy and full with the gifts and meal courtesy of CCF.

Chummy Chum Joins Aral Pinoy Feeding Program to Celebrate Ms. Kim’s Birthday with poor children

CCF went to Talon, Las PiƱas City upon the invitation of Aral Pinoy for another charity activity. But prior to that, we went to meet the members of Rotaract Club of San Pedro South for them to share their blessings to the beneficiaries of this activity. 
We had quite a difficult time finding the venue which was located in a subdivision. And when we entered said area, we were asked to pay a high fee. So we thought that kids who resides in such area should not be considered as beneficiaries. 
But when we got to the venue, Barangay covered court, we saw that they invited kids from the squatters’ area which was all good. The party started with games and clowns and all the kids were participative. 
The groups have prepared a lot for the children and we did made the kids happy. When Chummy Chum came out, the children all had their pictures taken with him after his dance performance.
We would like to thank RAC San Pedro South for the cupcakes and juice drinks for 100 poor kids and to Morris & Team for helping us that day.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Chummy Chum with Project Outreach for Ospital Ng Maynla Gift Giving Program

CCF team headed to Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center for a gift giving activity with Project Outreach. The recipients were poor kid patients at the Children’s Ward and OPD. 
In our public hospital visits, CCF are always in need of sponsors for additional refreshments. In this particular event, this was taken care of by Project Outreach, a group of friends who’s aim is to spread cheer to children who are poor and sick. 
This activity was not that easy because we were not informed that the elevator was under-repair so we carried all our equipment all the way to the 4th floor  by taking the stairs. 
Project Outreach had more than 10 volunteers and each of them brought gifts for the sixty (60) beneficiaries that was mentioned by staff from the director’s office. 
Everything went smooth and all the kids with stub were given gifts, snacks and freebies courtesy of Project Outreach and Chummy Chum.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Chummy Chum Foundation Donates brand new incubators to 2 Manila Hospitals

CCF had a courtesy call with Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada and donated three (3) units of brand new incubators for Ospital ng Maynila and Sta. Ana Hospital.

The said units have long been awaited by said public hospitals and it came true as CCF went to the Mayor’s Office and meet the good mayor. 

We had the chance to meet him when we were given a Certificate of Appreciation during Ospital ng Tondo’s Anniversary celebration. 

Afterwards the courtesy call, we went to Ospital ng Maynila and Sta. Ana Hospital to deliver the units.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Chummy Chum with Ms. Elaine & Ms. Hazel’s bday treat at NCH Hema Ward

CCF went to National Children’s Hospital at E. Rodriguez Quezon City for another charity activity. The event was held at the 6th floor since Hema Ward’s 4th floor location is under renovation. 

We were there just last month for a different activity and now, a different set of kids will have a party treat courtesy of birthday celebrants, Ms. Elaine and Ms. Hazel, who contacted us online to book for a slot, and we are grateful for their trust. 

Our diligent volunteers didn’t fail us as they did all the hard work from buying toys, food and things needed for the party. They were very satisfied with the amount of work that CCF did for their event.

The sick kids were very happy with the party treat as well as donors, doctors, nurses and staff. Even the vendors who have kids were given snacks and freebies. That’s how we are when we have excess because we wanted them to have the impression that whenever they see our Chummy Chum van that would mean blessings even for the street children.

For those who want to contact us and are living far, they not need to notify us thru letter, all they need to do is go to public hospitals near their areas as we have regular contacts with the public hospitals in Manila, Quezon City, Caloocan, Malabon, Batangas and Laguna. For orphanages, we have contacts in Sariaya, Quezon and San Miguel Bulacan.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Chummy Chum w/ Rotaract San Pedro South Joins Red Cross 143 Day

CCF went to Barangay Poblacion, Mandaluyong City to grant the request of Philippine National Red Cross to grace their Red Cross 143 event. We know that Red Cross’ beneficiaries are the poor so we invited Rotaract Club of San Pedro South to join us which they graciously obliged. 
Even if I was rainy, CCF Team and Rotaractors of San Pedro South met at our headquarters. On our way to the venue, we passed along flooded streets but we eventually reached the safe place. 
The venue was a bit small and we noticed that not all of the beneficiaries were indigents. Red Cross held a disaster preparedness lecture as well as proper family planning. For the children they taught them proper hygiene lesson. 
After which, Chummy Chum came out to entertain the kids and had their picture taken with him. Rotaractors also distributed freshly baked cupcakes, juice drinks and also CCF freebies.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chummy Chum at Missionaries of Charity Home of Love for Baby Mavi’s Bday Treat

CCF headed to Antipolo for another charity activity. It was rainy and the road is slippery so we had to be very careful but the rain stopped eventually. When we got to the venue, the donors were already there. 
We were just in time as the kids’ lunch time is at 10am. We immediately set up our booth and cooked popcorns. While the kids were eating, Chummy Chum came out to entertain them with a dance number. 
The kids actively participated so as with the family of the birthday celebrant who reached CCF through online booking here in our website. The family requested us to find beneficiaries whom they can share their blessings with, preferably near their place in Pasig, so we chose Home of Love. 
Since it was their first time they were a bit shocked with how strict the assigned nun was. We told them to just let it slide but it sure has a negative impact for first timers like them. We intended not to disclose the kids in the photos for their protection.

Chummy Chum Joins Loveline Cargo Charity LOCA Feeding Program at Angono

Due to Typhoon Ineng, the event was almost cancelled. The organizer sent us texted us and inquired of the weather condition. We informed them that it was mostly strong wind and rain showers here in Luzon so the activity pushed through.
We traversed C6 Road but the road there was really bad. We hope that DPWH will pay attention to it. 
We arrived at the venue early and immediately set up our booth. There was a slight confusion because of an event by the Adventist held before that of LOCA group. But the tiny problem was eventually settled by the organizer. Kids were treated to Cotton Candies, games and entertainment courtesy of CCF.
The kids truly enjoyed the event as seen on the pictures. The event was half day long so we went ahead and just left the other game prizes and 150 bags of popcorns.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chummy Chum Joins SM Foundation at Sisters of Mary Girls Town

CCF went to Silang Cavite for another medical mission and charity activity with SM Foundation. 
It was held in a big school wherein the beneficiaries are poor children with no home and are being reformed and taught with good behavior by nuns of Sisters of Mary.

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