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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Chummy Chum at Childhope Philippines for “Time Out Project” Outreach Program

CCF went to San Dionisio Cooperative Gym to grace the outreach program of Childhope Philippines for street children under their care. 
At the start of the program, the kids were given t-shirts that has the name of “Time-Out Project” on it. The kids were given mirienda and then the games began. The kids were having so much fun that they didn’t realized that 2hrs have already passed. CCF only stayed for 2hrs to give way to accommodate other bookings and for organizers to realize that CCF only offer limited time and cannot wait long enough to finish their programs. 
Organizers of Time Out Project were not informed by their contact about our rule so when we left, they did not have sound system to use as their games dragged too long. 
Aside from popcorn and cotton candy booth, there were also 1 dozen balloons and 30 pcs of prizes for games as well as bubble machine, stage light, speaker with USB and mic plus mascot appearance. 

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