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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Chummy Chum with Ms. Kates Ann at Ospital ng Tondo for Outreach Program

CCF accompanied Ms. Kates Ann at Jose Abad Santos in Tondo, Manila to share her blessings with the poor kids. 
The hospital staff are very accommodating, unlike other hospitals that we go to. Here, they take good care of us and they let us feel that they appreciate all that we do. In some of the hospitals that we’ve been to, they do not even offer us water and leave us to tend for ourselves. 
We are not asking anything in return but we think it reflects how a hospital is being managed. We have experienced a lot of unfortunate events concerning this but we just set it aside and focused on giving the kids reason to smile. We do not let bad vibes get in our way. 
To the staff of Ospital ng Tondo, we appreciate your kindness very much. We also like to thank Ms. Kates Ann who came all the way from Cavite City and even woke up early just to bring the cupcakes and toys to the kid patients of Ospital ng Tondo. 

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