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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Chummy Chum Joins Doctors for Oral Health Celeb at Justice Gen. Hospital

CCF Team went to Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital (Justice Gen. Hospital) located at Galiticia St., Sampaloc Manila upon the request of the hospitals resident doctors for their Oral Health Celebration. 

Children from Brgy Galiticia were invited to join the celebration. Their mission is to educate kids, especially the poor, about oral health care such as proper way of brushing the teeth and how to use dental floss. 

They sought our help so as to generate interest from the kids and it was quite effective because prior to our arrival, the kids in the community did not want to participate. But when we arrived and the children saw our popcorn, colorful balloons and cotton candy booth they started getting dressed and came to the venue and waited for the doctors for their teeth to be checked and for them to receive snacks and freebies courtesy of CCF. 

When the doctors arrived, the kids were given cupcakes, popcorn and juice drinks and the program proper started. Almost 200 poor kids participated in the event. 

The doctors were delighted to see how effective and successful their activity was, with the help of CCF.

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