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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Chummy Chum w/ Lovevine Cargo Charity Loca at Bahay Aruga

CCF Team and Loveline Cargo Charity Loca went to Pasig to spread cheer to community kids at DSWD Bahay Aruga. 
The donors went there ahead of us and were a bit apprehensive with the venue. I assured them that the place is really nice because of the improvement. Loca group was used to landfill and squatter areas that we often go to. We explained that the beneficiaries are the abandoned kids from Bahay Aruga and some children who belong to the poorest community. 
The program started with games although the place was a bit cramped because it was held in front of DSWD office. The kids enjoyed the games and party and even danced along with Chummy Chum. After the picture taking we and Loca group distributed gifts. 
We intended not to show the faces of some of the children especially from Bahay Aruga, for their own protection. All the kids went home happy from the party that LOCA and CCF organized.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Chummy Chum w/ Ms. Emmaruth Shares Blessing with Childhaus Kids

After the 1st event, CCF team headed to Childhaus located at Mapang-akit St., V. Luna Quezon City to accompany Ms. Emmaruth as she shares her blessings to poor cancer kids. 
It has been 2 years since we’ve been here to bring along a donor since it’s quite hard to book a schedule that fits our donor’s schedule, but this time we saw new faces at Childhaus although we are updated on the patients’ status and on how many have lost their battles to cancer and how many are still here and continue the fight. 
We saw how the kids enjoyed and laughed during the party courtesy of the clowns which Ms. Emmaruth hired. 
We’ve been helping Ms. Emmaruth yearly as she shares her blessings to the less fortunate on her birthday. 
Big thanks to Ms. Emmaruth and her family & friends. Until next year.

Chummy Chum Plays with Kids at PCMC-OPD’s Children’s Month.

CCF Team headed to Agham Road in Quezon City for a hospital visit to Philippine Children’s Medical Center’s Out Patient Department. 
We treated poor sick kids who were there for their general checkup. Since we saw that the kids were ok, we had parlor games for them and gave them Chummy Chum freebies as prices. For those who were unlucky, we also gave them popcorns. 
The kids enjoyed every minute of it but we noticed some of the kids enjoyed the games so much that they completely forgotten about their checkup. 
The gifts and loot bags were sponsored by Mrs. Sison, which were extra freebies from a previous charity activity.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Chummy Chum & Mrs. Sison Sponsors for GMA Kapuso Foundation ‘Gift For A Cause 2015’

CCF Team participated as major sponsor for food and gifts at GMA Kapuso Foundation’s activity for cancer kid patients, with the help of our very generous donor, Mrs. Sison, who loves helping poor and sick children. 
She donated 100 Jollibee meals, cake, 50 toys, lootbags, school materials, and balloons for the kids. Because of her generosity, the staff of GMA Kapuso were all eager to meet her, that whenever we have someone with us, they always ask if that’s Mrs. Sison. 
CCF also gave away Chummy Chum freebies for the children. GMA Kapuso, on the other hand offered help on chemo and medicines of cancer patients based on the recommendation of their doctors. 
The said foundation has always relied on CCF when it comes to events for Cancer Kids.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Chummy Chum Brings Smile to Poor Kids of Sucat thru SMF Health Mission

CCF had another tie-up activity w/ SM Foundation, this time at SM Sucat Event Center. 
There was already a long line when we got to the venue, but fortunately, SMF has many volunteers helping them. They were able to assist poor patients who were there to avail of the free medical and dental checkup and medicines. 
CCF Team stayed till 12NN and went back to the office afterwards. 
In photos are Paranaque Officials with Chummy Chum and kids.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Chummy Chum w/ Mark Anthony of PruLife UK Share Blessing to Kid Patients at PGH’s Ward 9

CCF accompanied Mark Anthony and family as he shares his blessings to kid patients at Ward 9 of Philippine General Hospital. 
We experienced some setbacks prior to coming here as we needed to pick up our orders from Jollibee-Kalaw since they no longer do deliveries on bulk order lower than Php3,000. 
And it has been a long time since we were in PGH, because the last time we were here, we were asked to wait outside for a long time, just so they could verify if our letter was authentic or not. Good thing we did not experience it this time. 
The team was there early because we need to set up before the donor arrive. 
We placed colorful balloons on every bed and gifts that were bought w/ the help of CCF volunteers. 
When the donor arrived, the program started and they initiated the gift-giving activity w/ his kid.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Chummy Chum w/ SM Foundation for Free Health Service in Bulihan, Batangas

CCF Team headed to Bulihan Batangas for another tie-up medical mission w/ SM Foundation. This is already our third time to go here but we still got a little lost because our driver was new. 
When we got to the place, we saw that few people were there but as we were setting up, people started to arrive, most of them from daycare center. We were able to distribute popcorn despite the brownout as well as Chummy Chum freebies to children who went there early. 
There were some who asked for popcorn during the duration of the power out, but we refused because those were intended for children. Some even chided us that we were paid by SMF so how come we won’t give them any. 
We gently informed them that of the 3x that we had our charity activity there, we never got even a single centavo from SMF and we were invited for free so we could bring joy to kids who are sick.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Chummy Chum w/ SMF for Medical Mission for Kadiwa Kids

Oct 21 – CCF Staff headed to Dasmarinas, Cavite for SM Foundation’s Medical & Dental Mission.
 The said activity was held at Market Mall-Dasma Hypermarket. As we arrived at the venue, we started setting up our  booth and cook popcorn. 
There were few who were early at the venue and had their check-up. As they were leaving, we called them to our booth but they politely refused and told us that they don’t have money for it. 
We explained to that the Chummy Chum freebies and popcorn were given away for free which made the children delighted. One mother even encouraged other parents to have their kids undergo the free medical check-up and medicines courtesy of SMF, so they could also receive freebies from CCF. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Chummy Chum with RAC- Kabataang West Rembo Feeding Program for Poor Kids

CCF Team headed to Makati Zero Black, the venue of the feeding program organized by Rotaract Club of Kabataang West Rembo. 
Few kids went to the venue because of the rainy weather. The road leading to the venue was so steep that the Chummy Chum van wasn’t able to reach it so they moved the venue to a lower area. 
Even though the number of kids present was fewer than expected because of the weather, the feeding program pushed through. There were storytelling and games and a dance number by Chummy Chum. After that kids were given freebies.
 Big thanks to Rotaract San Pedro South for sponsoring 100 refreshments for the children.

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