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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Chummy Chum with Ms. Ahne & Family Share Blessings with Cancer Kids of Hemaward – NCH

CCF Team accompanied Ms Ahne and family to the Hema Ward of National Children’s Hospital (NCH) for her annual birthday treat.
Ms. Ahne startd by only volunteering in CCF charity activities and now it has been 6 years of partnership with her, and counting. On this day it is the cancer kid patients of NCH who are the beneficiaries of Ms Ahne. 
Last year she also spent her birthday with kids of NCH, though a different set. It just saddens us to know that some of the kids who were with us last year were no longer here now.
To those parents who likes to feed their children with processed food such as hotdog, longanisa, tocino, hamburger, frues, etc., we advise you to refrain from giving them such, as those foods can cause cancer. 
This was relayed to us by the mothers of the cancer kids at NCH. It was too late for them to realize their mistakes. C
hildren should be encouraged to eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Chummy Chum Joins IMHA High School Feeding Program

CCF team went to Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy (IHMA) located at Better Living Subdivision in Paranaque to accommodate the request of the High School Department’s feeding program for the poor community kids. 
This is the first time that we had a charity activity at a private school. They invited poor children for their feeding program. 
The HS department also aims to teach their students how to plant and care for them so that they will get to harvest the fruits in due time. Said plants are located inside the school premises later on, they will gather the students when it is time to harvest.
 IHMA students finally met Chummy Chum which gave cheer to every child, rich and poor.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Chummy Chum Visits Out Patient Department of Ospital ng Tondo

CCF Team went to Ospital ng Tondo (OSTON) in Manila for our monthly hospital visit to their Out Patient Department wherein poor kids have their free medical check-up. 
OSTON is one of our favorite hospitals to visit because the staff is super accommodating to us. 
Dr. Cando is the hospital’s Medical Director once again, but even if he was not the director, the hospital staff were still accommodating. We wish all CMSEP beneficiaries are like them. 
On this day, the children were lucky because they not only have free checkup, they also get to receive snacks and freebies courtesy of Chummy Chum. 
Big thanks to Ms. Khat and friends for the additional refreshments.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Chummy Chum President Meets Paranaque Mayor for Incubator donations to Ospital ng Paranaque

CCF and our President had a courtesy call with the good mayor of Paranaque, Mayor Edwin Olivarez, for our boss’ donation of 2 brand new incubators with photo therapy lights to Ospital ng Paranaque, the only public hospital of the City. 
Before this event, we met Mayor Olivarez at a medical mission in Sucat. We were at the City Hall as early as 9am so we could inform them that our bosses are coming and that he will be meeting the Mayor. 
The incubators were displayed at the G/F lobby due to problem in the City Hall’s elevator. Our bosses just went up to the Mayor’s office to meet and talk with him. 
Mayor Olivarez eventually went down with our bosses to check the brand new incubators.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Chummy Chum w/ Tres Ladies at Gift Giving Activity for Cancer Kid Patients at Bahay Aruga

After the 1st event, CCF headed straight to Bahay Aruga located at UN Avenue in Manila to accompany Tres Ladies as they share their blessings to Cancer Kid patients housed in Bahay Aruga.

We noticed that there were few children at Bahay Aruga, from 20, they were down to just 10. But there were lots of food and gifts for the children and staff. We got there at around 1pm and it was hot so we hurried up the setup of our machines so we could begin the program and end it on time so the patients could rest. 
The staff of Bahay Aruga requested that potential donors bring nutritious foods for the children. Chummy Chum popcorns are ok for the children and the first thing they request to us. 
Get well soon kids!

Chummy Chum w/ Sir Jeremy Share Blessings to Orphans of Asilo de San Vicente Paul Orphanage

Chummy Chum went to Asilo de San Vicente Orphanage in UN Ave. Manila to accommodate the request of Sir Jeremy and family as he spends his birthday with the less fortunate children.

We were there early and started setting up. This is our 2nd time at this orphanage. We were a bit apprehensive in coming back here for the 2nd time because the first time we went here the staff were so strict. But this time they welcomed us with open arms. The children had a great time during the party. 
We intend not to disclose the kids in the photos for their protection. 
Thank you Kuya Justin for volunteering.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Chummy Chum Courtesy Call to Pasay City Mayor Antonino G. Calixto for Incubator Donations

CCF had a courtesy call to Pasay City Mayor Antonio G. Calixto for donating 2 units of incubator with photo therapy lights to Pasay City General Hospital. 

We didn’t expect that we get to meet prominent people such as Mayors and Hospital Directors all because of donating equipment needed in their hospitals. 

Photo shows the good mayor with PCGH Director profusely thanking our President for the incubators that our company donated, under CEMSP division.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Chummy Chum Bring Cheers to Catechism Kids of Our Lady of Fatima Parish

CCF went to San Pedro City Laguna to bring joy to children of Our Lady of Fatima Parish. These are kids being taught about catechism headed by Bro. Dakila. 
We met him in one of the charity activities of Rotary San Pedro South. He called us up and asked us to sponsor the snacks of the children for their feeding program as part of their catechism. This is being held every week and they have waited for this day. 
We were able to set up before the mass ended and the children went to the venue so the program could start. 
They had their program wherein the kids will be asked questions about catechism and those who will answer correctly will have a prize. 
The children were very participative and everyone had a great time.

Thank you Ma’am Trina Esta for the cupcakes and juice drinks.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Chummy Chum Donates New Incubator with Photo Therapy Light to Batangas Medical Center

CCF headed to Ibaan, Batangas City to donate 1 unit of Incubator with Photo Therapy Light to Batangas Medical Center. 
The place was quite far, good thing we took star toll and we let the hospital shoulder our toll fees. 
When we got to Batangas Medical Center, there should have been a gift-giving activity but because of the long queries of one of their personnel regarding the said hospital’s properties, there was no more time for the gift-giving which is sad because the kids waited a long time for that and they (children) just went home empty-handed. Sometime we still do not understand the process of some hospital departments.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Chummy Chum Donates Brand New Incubator to Jonelta Hospital in Binan City

After the morning event, CCF team headed to nearby town, Binan City Laguna to hand over a brand new incubator to Jonelta Hospital courtesy of Child Survival Maintenance Program Division (CSEMP). 
We got to know said clinic thru SM Foundation and when we had a gift giving activity at the said clinic, we saw the poor patients who go there to have free medical checkups. When we got to Jonelta, we were welcomed by the Doctors and the Hospital Director and had photo ops. Everything went well except for the little side comment we heard from their Engineering personnel about the durability of the incubator. 
We assured them that they are durable as attested by various beneficiary hospitals since 2011. And we are very thankful to the kind-hearted person who donated said incubators.

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