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Monday, February 29, 2016

Chummy Chum Joins 2nd Part of Grand Medical Mission for the Poor

The 2nd part of the Grand Medical Mission organized by Manila’s Office of the Mayor was held at Tondo Sports Complex. '
During this event we saw that there was no politicking by Mayor Estrada, just pure health service for the less fortunate that were rendered for free. 
The venue was rather small and we had a hard time finding a parking space but the organizer allotted a parking space for us. There were full of people, all of them were there to avail of the free medical checkup. 
The Manila public hospitals that participated also brought giveaways for the children. 
It was like Christmas for the Tondo kids as they got so many freebies.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Chummy Chum Joins Grand Medical Mission Sponsored by City Government of Manila

CCF staff headed to San Andres Sports Complex for a Grand Medical Mission wherein all public hospitals in Manila converged to give free medical service to poor residents of the City. 
We are overwhelmed with joy as all of the hospital directors present in the event knows CCFPI through our Child Survivor Equipment Maintenance Program Division (CSEMP) wherein we donate brand new incubators to public hospitals. 
We are very happy that CCF is already part of these hospitals’ mission to spread joy and cheer to the poorest of the poor kid patients especially in Tondo and Manila area.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Chummy Chum with Ms. Kimmi Treat Cancer Kid Patients of NCH

Even on a Sunday, CCF Team went to National Children’s Hospital (NCH) located at E. Rodriguez Quezon City to grace to accompany Ms Kimmi and family as they share their blessings to the unfortunate cancer patients of NCH.
 In all of our charity activities, we prioritize kid cancer patients because we want to ease their suffering and we want to encourage them to fight the Big C. 
There was an instance that a terminally ill child at NCH, when he learned that Chummy Chum was there, suddenly encouraged his mother to bring him to the 6th floor where our party is being held and had the greatest time of his short life. Just as with the other sick children who even have IVs attached to them, their faces lit up as they enjoy the party as well as the toys and gifts given to them. T
he fact that we make these kids’ faces lit up with joy and somehow ease their pain makes everything worth it. From then on, we make it a point to prioritize cancer kid patients in our charity activities, such as today wherein Ms. Kimmi celebrated her birthday with the sick children. 
Thank you Ms. Kimmy and her friends for the tip and lootbag donations to CCF.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Chummy Chum with Aral Pinoy Volunteers Bring Joy to Poor Kids of Brgy Anilag

2nd activity for the day is at Calamba City, Laguna for Aral Pinoy’s charity activity. Our group went to Brgy. Anilag with Aral Pinoy, we were met with children who are eagerly waiting for us. 
These kids came from the squatters’ area just behind the village basketball court. You can see by their appearance that they are really from the poorest of the poor as they were dark skinned and very thin. As we were setting up, more and more children arrived. 
They played games courtesy of the host clowns. The kids obviously enjoyed every minute of it. The children became even more excited when Chummy Chum came out and danced. The distribution and food and gifts went well. 
Big thanks to Alysa & S- Anchi for the game prizes and to Sir Tony for the tip.

Chummy Chum W/ Students of DLSU-Dasmarinas Spread Cheer to Poor Kids of Southville 6

First event for the day, CCF team went to Southville 6 also in Calamba upon the invitation of DLSU-Dasmarinas students for their gift-giving activity to poor children of the said community. 
We had a little difficulty finding the venue because our ‘road expert’ Aldrin wasn’t with us at that time but we did ask around for directions. We finally got to the venue, a housing project by NHA for the illegal settlers from Manila. 
They were transferred here during President Estrada’s term. The place is quite far from the city were most of the jobs are so residents their still choose to live in Manila despite the poor condition. 
The program started with games hosted by clown as the delighted kids participated actively. CCF gave away freebies, even the students and one volunteer also have something for the poor kids. 
Thank you to S. Anchi for the additional refreshments and also to Aral Pinoy volunteers.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Chummy Chum Cheer Up 300 poor kids at SM Foundation Medical and Dental Mission in Batangas

CCF went to Batangas City for another SM Foundation medical and dental mission. 
SMF highly values the health of each individual so they scout most if not all communities with SM branches and inquire with the mall managers for a possible free medical mission. Most of the malls do request for said project as their way of helping the poor and giving back to the community. SMF firmly believes in the saying, “HEALTH IS WEALTH” because with a healthy and sound body, people will be able to work for their families and help alleviate poverty. 
You can add SMF in Facebook so you would be able to check out the different services that they offer for the poor.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Chummy Chum with Melissa & Family Share blessings to abandoned kids of Alay ng Puso

CCF headed to Missionaries of Charity Alay ng Puso located at Delpan Tondo Manila to spread cheer to abandoned children. 
We received an email from Ms. Melisa asking us to find her a beneficiary whom she can share her blessings with and we chose Alay ng Puso because we thought they are the ones that needed donations the most. CCF Team arrived early at the venue to set up and assist the donors. 
This time, the kids requested for milk, fresh meat, fish and vegetables which the donors gladly obliged, along with 1 kalderong sopas for lunch. The sopas was so abundant that they get to share it for the feeding program for seniors on that day. 
Everyone were full because of the blessings shared by Ms. Melanie and family.

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