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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Chummy Chum & Rotaract Club of Kabataang West Rembo Bring Smiles to Poor Kids Under The Bridge

CCF headed to West Rembo, Makati City upon the invitation of Rotaract Club of Kabataang West Rembo for a charity activity involving poor children of the said community that are residing under the bridge. 
We were surprised that there are still kids living in such a poor state in a progressive city such as Makati were tall buildings abound. 
The Rotaract Club of Kabataang West Rembo prepared food for the children and held parlor games to delight of the kids.
We sponsored the game prizes courtesy of Sir Gary. Chummy Chum entertained the kids and danced along with them.

Big thanks to Sir Gary for the toys and other game prizes.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Chummy Chum Visits 100 Wasted Pupils for Feeding Program at Tanzang Luma Elementary School

July 29 – CCF Team went on a rainy morning to Imus Cavite to bring cheer to poor wasted students of Tanzang Luma Elementary School for the feeding program. 
The road leading to Tanzang Luma was narrow and the school is not that visible, good thing someone fetched us and prepared the parking for our car. 
When we got to the venue, the beneficiaries of the feeding program were already there, waiting for what Chummy Chum has in-store for them. 
After some introduction from the teacher, the program commenced and the games started. We prepared prizes for the children courtesy of Ms. Ruth. When the popcorns were ready, Chummy Chum came out and entertained the children. 
They had their pictures taken with the adorable mascot as we gave them snacks and Chummy Chum freebies.

Thank you Ms. Ruth for the toys, 100 cupcakes and refreshments. God bless you more.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Chummy Chum w/ Jorolan Family Visits Elsie Gatches Village

CCF went to Elsie Gatches for the annual charity activity with Jorolan family. 
The head of the family, Mr. Jorolan, shares his blessings yearly to less-fortunate children through feeding program and gift-giving activities with the help of CCF, because we pick those that are really deserving of help. 
Sometimes we avoid recommending orphanages and 3 cancer institute for kids because they already have so many donors helping them. So we often suggest poor communities, SPED schools for the poor, hema ward in public hospitals because there is where the worthy beneficiaries are. 
There are also province-based hospitals that are in need especially during Christmas season. 
On this day, mentally-challenged kids of Elsie Gatches are lucky to be chosen by Mr. Jorolan and family as their beneficiaries. Almost 100 patients and staff enjoyed the lunch treat.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Chummy Chum Joins Jianna & Family on Grand Birthday Treat at Hospicio de San Jose

CCF Team accompanied Mrs. Toniza and family to Hospicio De San Jose to celebrate the birthday of her daughter, Jianna, and share their blessings with the abandoned kids housed there. 
The children here are very small, they are the ones abandoned by their mothers in the hospital or elsewhere, some of them were dropped off here by their parents because they cannot afford to give them meals. 
Hospicio helps these kids, especially who have no hope of returning to their parents. The orphanage gives up the kids for adoption to responsible parents who wants to have children. 
But they lament that the adoption process is very tedious with tons of paper works that’s why couples are discouraged to pursue the adoption process. We hope that the new secretary of DSWD will look into this. 
On this day, the children of Hospicio enjoyed the birthday treat by Jianna.

We intended not to disclose the identity of the children for their own protection.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Chummy Chum Donates Ultrasonic Scaler to Justice Jose Abad General Hospital

CCF Team went to Justice Jose Abad General Hospital to donate one (1) set of Ultrasonic Scaler with hand piece to the Department of Dentistry, courtesy of Sir Gary and Ms. Elaine. 
We felt JJSGen really needs the said Scaler because it has been 10 days that they haven’t performed teeth extraction and cleaning to poor children of Manila. 
When Dra. Andrea told us about the problem, it was great timing that someone messaged us in Facebook the next day and inquired for recipients of medical supplies, so we immediately endorsed JJSGen to the said donors who happen to be Sir Gary and Ms. Elaine. 
They immediately looked for 1 set of Scaler in dental supplies so we called uo Dra. Andrea to tell her the good news. 
When the Scaler was turned over to the Dentistry Department of JJSGen, they immediately start accommodating poor children for tooth extraction and cleaning, all for free. 
Thank you very much Sir Gary and Ms. Elaine for your donation. God bless you more!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Chummy Chum Graces NDPR Week Medical Dental Mission of Alfonso Central Elem. School

CCF received a request from Alfonso Central Elementary School in Alfonso, Cavite, to sponsor their Medical-Dental Mission as part of their MNDPR Week Celebration. CCF provided entertainment and refreshment for the students. 
When our team got to the venue after a 3-hour drive from Paranaque, we immediately set up our booth. The organizers were accommodating and even prepared breakfast for us. 
While we were setting up, the SPED students were approaching the venue, together with their guardians. 
Because the said medical mission is intended for children with mental disabilities, the medicines were provided by the Governor of Alfonso, Cavite. There were also volunteer doctors and medical personnel sharing their expertise to examine the SPED kids. 
The pharmacy staff were amazed by the amount of Chummy Chum freebies given to each children. After a while, 
Chummy Chum came out and provided entertainment to the kids. 
Thank you Ms. Ruth for some of the toys, and to Ms. Jentricia for the cupcakes and juice.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Chummy Chum Visits Children’s Cancer Ward of V. Luna General Hospital

CCF Team headed to V. Luna General Hospital to visit the cancer kid patients at the Hema Ward. We also went to the hospital as per their request to check the old incubator and see if it can still be fixed under our CMSEP Division. While 2 staff of CCF are manning the booth, the other 2 are inspecting/checking the incubator. 
The security in the said hospital is tight, we had to inform the soldier assigned in the entrance of the hospital of our intention. We got to interact and mingle with cancer kids who are children of poor soldiers and gave said children with Chummy Chum freebies. 
Thank you to Ms. Jentricia for the additional refreshments and Ms. Ruth for the gifts. 
The girl in the picture, Lara, says thank you to Chummy Chum for the gift she received and for checking and replacing the photo therapy light of the old incubator of the said hospital

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Chummy Chum Thanks Several Generous Sponsors

We would like to thank the following kind-hearted individuals for their donations to CCF:

1.  Thank you Ms. Jentricia for your donation of juice, mineral water and cupcakes. We met Ms. Jentricia during an event for cancer kids last July 2012. She is an Overseas Filipino Worker and every time she has extra blessings, she donates to us through her brother, by buying cupcakes and juice packs for the beneficiaries of CCF.

2. Thank you to Ms. Ruth for the toys, cupcakes, juice, etc. We met Ms Ruth when she asked for our help to organize an outreach activity when she vacationed here in the Philippines. Ms. Ruth is shy and she did not want to tell anyone that she’s the one celebrating her birthday for that event. She told us that she experienced a different kind of happiness that particular day and since then, she shares her blessings to CCF beneficiaries.

3. Thank you to Sir Gary & Ms. Elaine for donating toys and an Ultrasonic Scaler to JJASGEN. Sir Gary is Ms. Elaine’s brother. We met Ms. Elaine when she asked us to accompany her for an outreach activity in a cancer ward in Quezon City. She was reduced into tears seeing the plight of the cancer patients, one has bulging eyes, some have big lumps on different parts of the bodies. This prompted her to give generously even if there’s no occasion. Thank you for your help for the month of July.

4. Thank you also to Ms. Elyn who sponsored popcorns for 700 kids, cupcakes and juices for 300 kids, last June even.

May the good Lord continue to shower you with His abundant blessings.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Chummy Chum Brought Joy to SPED and Wasted Pupils at RC San Pedro South’s Project Launch

CCF Team went to Laguna Resettlement Community School (LRCS) in San Pedro City Laguna upon the invitation of Rotary Club of San Pedro South as they celebrated the inauguration of their Potable Water System Project and grand launching of the Daily Feeding Program that will greatly benefit the SPED and Wasted students of the said school. 
We can compare the event to a 3-in-1 coffee for the multiple projects of RCSPS on the said school with the help of their partners, just like Century Pacific Group for the 1-year Daily Feeding Program and Planet Water Foundation for the installation of a water system that guarantees safe and clean drinking water, not only for the students, but also to the poor residents residing near LRCS. 
While the program was ongoing, we set up our table and started to prepared the popcorn. As the speakers onstage was explaining the importance of the projects, we noticed that the children were staring at the popcorn and toys laid out on the table which will be given to them after the program. 
Only the parents and teachers were the ones listening and paying attention to the speakers. We were able to distribute 170 popcorns to the delight of the children. Chummy Chum came out and mingled with the children and had their pictures taken with him.

Thank you to Ms. Ruth for some of the toys, and Sir EJ for the cupcakes and juice.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Chummy Chum Spread Joy and Cheer to Sick Kids at National Children’s Hospital OPD

CCF conducted a hospital visit to National Children’s Hospital Out Patient Department (NCH-OPD).
We treated several sick children, especially those with cancer. We’ve been doing this for five (5) years already, some of the patients have already passed away and some are continuously fighting the Big C. 
We take pity especially to those new cancer patients and are clueless of what to do. CCF has become a bridge, for these less fortunate kids, not only to avail free medicines but also find them sponsors for their expensive medical treatment. 
God is truly good as He continue to use us as His instrument to help these poor children. 
On our part, we consider it a big reward just to see them smile and lessen the burden that these kids feel.
Big thank you to Ms. Elyn Aracid for the additional refreshment.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Chummy Chum with SM Foundation Free Medical Mission at Earnshaw Community

CCF Team headed to Earnshaw, Sampaloc City wherein 70% of the residents are classified as poor. 
That is why when SM Foundation distributed stubs for their free medical mission, the poor people of the said community didn’t even hesitate and grabbed the opportunity offered to them. 
When CCF got to the newly-constructed health center, the registration started. The said health center was built courtesy of SM Foundation for the benefit of the poor people of Earnshaw who cannot afford to go to private clinics and hospitals.
CCF distributed snacks and freebies to little children who availed of the free medical checkup.
Thank you to Sir EJ for the cupcakes and refreshments for the kids.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Chummy Chum Joins SM Foundation for Medical Mission at Brgy San Antonio, Paranaque

CCF went to San Antonio De Padua Parish in Brgy San Antonio, Paranaque City for another medical mission with SM Foundation. 
When we arrived at the venue, the parking lot was already full of people waiting to avail free medical service. The people in-charge has given many stubs to poor families of BF, Sampaloc and Fourth Estate and they were all there. 
The line was so long that it almost went beyond the gate of the parish church. 
The process was considerably quick and the poor families were served and attended to by the volunteer doctors and nurses. 
After the checkup, the children were given free medicines as well as Chummy Chum freebies.

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