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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Chummy Chum w/ Ms. Alice Birthday Treat to Cancer Kids at Bahay Aruga

CCF Team with Ms. Alice went to Bahay Aruga in the morning for her annual birthday gift-giving activity. 
Bahay Aruga is a halfway home for poor pediatric cancer patients that are having their treatment in Philippine General Hospital (PGH) located in Taft Ave., Manila. Even if she is not feeling well, Ms. Alice still went to the activity for the sake of the children. It is just sad to know that some of the cancer kid patients that we know has gone home and some has passed away. A lot of kind-hearted individuals generously share their blessings to these poor sick children but not a few are asking why their gift-giving activities are not posted by the founder in their Facebook page for them to at least feel the significance of their deeds. This is mostly the question being asked of us, but we too do not know the answer, because we are also not being acknowledged which we deemed not that important, as long as we know we’re able to help the sick kids and make them happy. During the party, the founder came to us and asked us to help a cancer kid patient that need financial assistance so the kid could have his radiation therapy in Las PiƱas. We immediately accompanied them to one of our donors, Ms. Elaine and she kind-heartedly gave them money for their fare.

Photo shows Chummy Chum together with the celebrant and cancer kid patients. Big thanks to Ms. Elaine for donating cash to Loraine Legaspi who has eye cancer.

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