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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Generous Chummy Chum Sponsors Donate for December Events

Date:  November 30, 2016

CCF Team would like to thank our generous sponsors for our December events:
  • Sir Nikh for groceries snack
  • Ms.Ruth for the toys, cupcakes and juice
  • Ms Erika and Sir Alvin for the toys, etc.

Monday, November 28, 2016

CCF Founder Celebrates Son’s 1st Birthday w/ Cancer Kid Patients at PCMC

Date: November 28, 2016

CCF Team headed to Agham Road in Quezon City to celebrate the 1st birthday of CCF Founder's son with the Cancer Kid patients. 
This was a last-minute request by our boss. He called us to a meeting and asked if we can still handle another charity event for cancer kid patients on this particular date and we answered on the affirmative. We immediate got in touch with Ms. Beth of PCMC which she quickly arranged. 

The whole weekend, we spent time taking care of everything needed for the party such as food, toys, balloons and lootbags. We really had a busy weekend in preparing for the Monday event. 
On this day, we head to PCMC very early and we got to the venue at 8:00AM. We immediately set up everything, even the mothers helped us so that when our boss arrives, everything is ready. 
When Sir Nick arrived, the program started to the delight of everyone especially the sick children. They had their photos taken with Chummy Chum and afterwards the food was served and the toys, loot bags, balloons, etc., were distributed to the children. 
We all went home with smile in our faces for the success of the event. 
Thank you to everyone that helped us today.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Chummy Chum w/ Ms. Anne & Co. To Share Blessings to Cancer Kid Patients of NCH

After the morning event, CCF Team went to National Children’s Hospital for Ms. Anne’s charity activity as she and her family shared their blessings to the Cancer Kids of the said hospital. 
We tried other facilities that houses cancer kid patients, but some were fully-booked so we considered NCH instead. As per previous visits, we encountered new faces here in NCH, some of them were there for blood transfusion procedure. 
On this day, we requested for soft food, such as porridge, to be served to the children because we observed in our previous activity, the kids got tired of branded food, so we suggested something else. 
We’re glad they liked it and even the medical staff loved the ‘special lugaw’ that was served.

Chummy Chum W/ Ms. Cha As She Celebrates Birthday W/ Poor Kids at Daughters of Charity

Date: November 26,2016

CCF Team accompanied Ms. Cha to Daughters of Charity located Service Rd. in Sucat, Paranaque so she could celebrate her birthday with less fortunate children. 
We had a little difficulty in arranging the event but managed to pull through in the end. We managed to set up our booth and organized the games while waiting for the donor and when she arrived, Chummy Chum came out to dance for the children. 
After which, the children ate and were given gifts courtesy of Ms. Cha and CCF.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Chummy Chum Donates 1,500 pairs of slippers to Missionaries of Charity Alay ng Puso

Date: November 25,2016

ChummyChum Foundation donated 1500 pair of slippers to Missionaries of Charity Alay ng Puso for their community Christmas in Delpan Tondo, Manila.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Chummy Chum Graces 3rd Anniversary Celebration of “Il Di Tu Education Under the Bridge”

Date: November 23,2016

CCF Team headed to La Huerta, Paranaque City to accommodate Teacher Fe’s request for us to sponsor the 3rd anniversary of Il Di Tu Education Under The Bridge. 
Teacher Fe is the founder of the said foundation wherein she teaches poor kids living under the Bulongan bridge. 
Teacher Fe is very well aware that if we do not have donors, we only give out Chummy Chum freebies for during activities, good thing there were some leftover giveaways from LIS from a previous event, and we were able to get some snack from Leslie’s, and used them on this activity. 
When we arrived at the venue, the kids were already there. These are the kids that Tr. Fe is teaching-their ‘classroom’ is the side of the streets. We made use of what we have and we manage to give 100 kids freebies and prizes.

Thank you Leslie Food Corp. for the additional snacks, FIS and Ms. Khai for the additional gifts and toys.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Chummy Chum w/ Ms. Juliet & Friends Treat Cancer Kids at National Children’s Hospital

Date: November 20, 2016

After the morning event, CCF Team went to National Children’s Hospital in E. Rodriguez, Quezon City as requested by our Boss’ friend, Ms. Juliet as she share her blessings to Cancer kid patients of the said hospital. 
According to Ms. Juliet, she wanted to feel how wonderful it is to spread cheer to kids fighting the Big C. As we arrived at the venue, we saw new faces among the patients. 
There were games for the mothers of the patients. The kids and their parents/guardians as well as the donors, had their photos taken with Chummy Chum. Afterwards, the kids went back to their respective beds and they were served with food prepared by Ms. Juliet. 
Thank you again to Morris and Richard for volunteering.

Chummy Chum w/ Mishka Family & Friends Grand Birthday Treat at Silong Tanglaw

Date: November 20, 2016

CCF Team headed to G. Araneta in Quezon City to grace the grand birthday treat of Mishka with her family and friends as she turns 7 years old. The birthday girl spent her special day with children from Silong Tanglaw Foundation and some poor kids in the community. 
Ms. Tam reached us through our website contact site and we accommodated her request of finding suitable foundation whom they can share their blessings with. 
The program started with a prayer of thanks as they celebrate Mishka’s 7th birthday. There were parlor games for the children hosted by the clowns and the kids had their pictures taken with Chummy Chum. 
The children enjoyed the food prepared by the hosts. Afterwards the children received numerous gifts such as pillows, hygiene kits from Unilab, lootbags, etc. Even the volunteers like us were given hygiene kits much to our delight. 
Thank you Ms. Tam for the popcorn donation and to Morris and Richard for always helping us out

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Chummy Chum Joins SM Foundation & Order Malta Foundation for Medical-Dental Mission in Quiapo

Date: November 19, 2016

CCF joined forces with SM Foundation. Inc. and Order of Malta Foundation for a Medical-Dental Mission to the poor families in Hidalgo St., in Quiapo, Manila. 
This is our first time to go there so we got a little lost but nevertheless, we arrived at the venue ahead of time as just a handful of people were there. 
There were a decent amount of people during check-up but when SMFI started giving free medicines and we started handing out popcorns and freebies the number of people increased, even families living in the streets went and participate. 
Close to 600 patients were attended to and were given food, along with staff and volunteers.

Thank you to Ms. Khai for some of the toys given to the children.

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