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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Chummy Chum Foundation Philippines Inc. Joins PHAP Cares Foundation in Its Free Medical, Dental, Tuli, etc. Service for Poor Families

Date: April 23, 2017
Venue: Our Lourdes Hospital, San Dionisio, Paranaque City

While aging, a person often forgets things. Like today. The Chummy Chum buckets were left at the office, forcing us to go the nearest market to purchase alternative popcorn buckets. Luckily, the church where today’s event will be held is nearby to a market. Though, there was still some traffic on the road.

The number of buckets left is 70, and it is nerve-racking to estimate if the buckets are still enough for the children that will be having the services offered by PHAP Cares. Fortunately and surprisingly, the buckets are enough. We were able to give popcorn to children who just entered manhood today by getting circumcised.

There are also freebies given to them as rewards for being brave young men. They are all thankful to Chummy Chum and PHAP Cares for the free service. So are we to them.

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